Time Nick Message 01:09 mhayden JoeJulian: pulp fiction is highly recommended 01:09 mhayden i'm a fan and i finally made my wife watch it two years ago -- she didn't get it 10:25 pdurbin mhayden: ▶ check out the big brain on brad - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrm-rPSCIBw :) 11:15 pdurbin Cozy, a personal cloud you can hack, host and delete - http://cozy.io 12:04 pdurbin Sandstorm Personal Cloud Platform - Take control of your web http://sandstorm.io 12:04 pdurbin and you thoughts there was only http://owncloud.org ;) 12:37 dotplus I was aware of owncloud, heard of sandstorm, but cozy.io is new to me. 15:05 hydrajump pdurbin where do you find all these cool projects? 15:11 pdurbin hydrajump: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2014-03-27/line/1395918985 16:32 * pdurbin is sitting in a meeting with codex :) 18:02 semiosis i just heard of this one the other day, Seafile: http://seafile.com/en/product/private_server/ 18:15 pdurbin "Next-generation Open Source Cloud Storage with advanced features on file syncing, privacy protection and teamwork!" 18:15 pdurbin wow. teamwork 18:18 dotplus I think the differences are mostly of emphasis. seafile is (almost) entirely about file storage, sandbox/cozy seem to be focussed on offering a PaaS you can run at home and owncloud is somewhere in the middle 18:42 pdurbin ok 18:42 pdurbin perl -lane 'print "$F[0] $F[2] $F[3] $F[4] $F[1]"' 18:42 pdurbin ironcamel: help! me dumb 18:43 pdurbin sivoais: ^^ 18:43 pdurbin how to combine 2 though 4 please 18:43 pdurbin instead of listing them separately 18:43 pdurbin need a range or whatever 18:45 sivoais perl -lane 'print "$F[0] @F[2..4] $F[1]"' # use an array slice 18:45 sivoais pdurbin: ^ 18:45 pdurbin sivoais: thank you!! 18:46 sivoais :-) 19:11 * pdurbin is rusty... too much java 19:20 ironcamel sivoais++ 19:49 codex pdurbin: that was a good meeting too 19:50 pdurbin codex: yeah. think the slides will be made public? 19:50 codex not sure. they didn't mention, but I hope they will 19:51 pdurbin me too 19:54 codex pdurbin: https://github.com/ggreer/the_silver_searcher 19:55 pdurbin oh yeah. that thing 19:55 pdurbin codex: http://consilience.com