Time Nick Message 14:43 pdurbin oh good, it does seem to be possible to hide my g.harvard (Gmail) address which ezmlm grabs from the "Return-Path" header. I just had to email solr-user-subscribe-philip_durbin=harvard.edu@lucene.apache.org http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/lucene-solr-user/201403.mbox/%3CCABbxx8F5o-BxFO_HRvh0WFaq2g%3DWQWzc95HfG9ky6GQ8PJXpiw%40mail.gmail.com%3E 14:44 pdurbin wow, over I year since I mentioned this: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2013-02-26#i_6499130 15:34 dotplus anyone tell me how to do the equivalent of bash's 'echo "foo" > /dev/udp//' in javascript (from inside html)? 15:34 dotplus i.e. send plaintext to a remote port 16:27 pdurbin dotplus: buh. dunno. sorry 16:27 pdurbin who knows about zookeeper? http://zookeeper.apache.org 17:23 semiosis i just blew someone's mind showing them CSS-X-Fire 19:09 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky CSS-X-Fire 19:09 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://code.google.com/p/css-x-fire/ 19:17 hydrajump css-x-fire similar to this http://livestyle.emmet.io/ 19:18 semiosis interesting 19:20 * hydrajump waves at semiosis 19:20 semiosis \o 19:23 hydrajump I've been using github quite a bit lately and one thing I've stumbled on is how to deal with making your local fork identical to the upstream repo. I created a few feature branches and some were merged by upstream pull request and one was closed. In all cases when github suggested that I delete my branches I did. My question is how do I make that reflect my local repo? 19:24 semiosis git fetch 19:24 hydrajump I did git upstream && git merge upstream/master but my local branches are still present, so if I push to my github repo the branches will be created again. I'm not sure how to deal with this. 19:24 hydrajump *opps I meant git fetch upstream 19:26 hydrajump I haven't mastered the whole github dance. I got fork, clone, add upstream remote, create a feature branch, push branch, create pull request, delete feature branch. It's the steps after that which I'm unclear on. 19:27 hydrajump do I fetch my own github fork and merge? 19:27 pdurbin hydrajump: does this help? https://www.thinkup.com/docs/contribute/developers/devfromsource.html#step-by-step-the-short-version 19:27 pdurbin "As time passes, the upstream ThinkUp repository accumulates new commits. Keep your working copy’s master branch and issue branch up to date by periodically rebasing: fetch upstream, rebase master, rebase issue branch." 19:28 semiosis hydrajump: i fetch upstream, merge locally, then push into my fork 19:29 semiosis i usually don't bother deleting local branches, but they don't get pushed up automatically. git push only pushes the current branch 19:29 semiosis afaik 19:30 pdurbin that's my experience too 19:31 hydrajump pdurbin "rebase master, rebase issue branch." never used these commands 19:32 hydrajump semiosis when you fetch upstream does that apply to all upstream branches or just the default branch? 19:33 semiosis fetch updates the tracking of all remote branches 19:33 semiosis doesnt affect any of your local branches 19:51 hydrajump Do you only rebase when you have a feature that you haven't created a pull request for in order to make sure that you your feature is using the latest upstream? 19:54 semiosis i never rebase, haven't been able to figure out what it's for. i merge. 19:55 hydrajump hehe ok. I'm going to follow your steps now on my local repo and see what happens 19:56 hydrajump if git fetch upstream doesn't print any info does that imply that I'm up to date? 20:08 hydrajump pdurbin that link is very helpful especially the diagram ;) 20:09 pdurbin great