Time Nick Message 01:51 pdurbin ah 10:05 pdurbin holy crap. I think I fixed it! with firmware! 10:05 pdurbin X220 Touchpad jumpy response when used with 90w slim AC adapter - Firmware update http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/X-Series-ThinkPad-Laptops/X220-Touchpad-jumpy-response-when-used-with-90w-slim-AC-adapter/ta-p/766543 10:06 pdurbin via Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop – Jittery/Jumpy Touchpad | Ray Woodcock's Latest - http://raywoodcockslatest.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/lenovo-thinkpad-jittery-touchpad/ 10:07 pdurbin lots of other stuff posted about this: "Using Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit version, installed on Lenovo X220 laptop. Fresh "default" install and settings configuration. When the laptop is plugged into a power source, the touchpad's onscreen cursor (the white arrow that shows position) shakes excessively when trying to use the touchpad to control the cursor." -- Bug #1028617 “Cursor shakes violently when 10:07 pdurbin connected to power so...” : Bugs : “xserver-xorg-input-synaptics” package : Ubuntu - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/1028617 10:08 pdurbin random mouse clicking 10:08 pdurbin cursor jumping 10:09 pdurbin hopefully those are enough keywords so other people can find the solution. this has been driving me crazy 10:09 pdurbin more crazy :) 11:46 mhayden pdurbin: yeah, that's frustrating on the new lenovo models too (the ones without any mouse buttons) 11:46 mhayden i saw a post about someone complaining about a T440 for that reason 11:56 pdurbin mhayden: I was losing my mind. All this clicking happening without me doing anything 11:56 mhayden yeah, i tossed windows 7 on my X1 just to see if i was totally nuts and it was like i had a totally different trackpad 11:56 mhayden it totally behaved itself 11:57 pdurbin EXACTLY 11:57 pdurbin and can you imagine me bringing it in? 11:57 pdurbin "um. sir, just reboot into windows. goodbye!" 11:58 pdurbin mhayden: to be clear, I didn't actually use anything on your post (though I did play with those settings a bit). The fix was a firmware update 12:54 mhayden ah okay, i'm not sure if my X1 has a firmware update 14:39 skay pdurbin: it's probably not copacetic for me to use swear words in dvn so, speaking of databases and key value stores, http://howfuckedismydatabase.com/ 14:39 skay I love that site 14:39 skay http://howfuckedismydatabase.com/nosql/ 14:40 skay please let me know if it is also not copacetic here 14:49 pdurbin it's all good 14:49 * mhayden is so extraordinarily offended 14:49 mhayden :) 14:55 skay okay whew. 14:55 skay :) 15:04 pdurbin skay: you can even start a python vs. perl debate... like old times in here :) 15:08 skay country or western (blues brothers) 15:08 skay vim or emacs 15:10 skay executable line noise versus executable pseudocode 15:11 skay one problem versus two problems 15:11 skay http://www.jwz.org/blog/2011/11/you-doom-us-all-to-inhuman-toil-for-the-one-whose-name-cannot-be-expressed-in-the-basic-multilingual-plane/ 16:01 larsks Any fasrc folks hanging around right now? 17:26 JoeJulian mhayden: "Your password must contain..." regardless of entropy? 17:50 mhayden JoeJulian: what? 17:50 JoeJulian I just had to change a password at RS. It didn't like my more-secure really-long password and made me choose one that had mixed case. 17:51 JoeJulian entropy > mixed-case... 17:52 JoeJulian mhayden: Do you use/recommend any sort of password-keeper and if so, which one? 17:56 mhayden JoeJulian: i'm partial to lastpass 17:57 mhayden i feel like i get the best security/usability balance with it 18:06 larsks I use GPG + a text file :) 18:23 semiosis post-its on the monitor 19:23 pdurbin larsks: welcome back! 19:25 pdurbin sjoeboo: you too :) 19:25 sjoeboo larsks: you were looking for someone fasrc ? 19:29 larsks Yes! Is that you? 19:30 larsks pdurbin: Hi! :) 19:30 sjoeboo yepppp 19:31 larsks sjoeboo: Do you know anything about rchelp.fas.harvard.edu? It appears to account for, like, 80% of the requests to the RDO software repositories at http://repos.fedorapeople.org/ and we're trying to figure out who to contact... 19:32 sjoeboo oh yeah, that would be me/us 19:32 sjoeboo that, @ the moment, accounts for an ourbound proxy server 19:32 sjoeboo which out internal mirror system exgresses through 19:32 sjoeboo should just be an rsync hourly. 19:33 sjoeboo but one of the other guys setup the rdo one...lets see... 19:33 larsks No, this is something doing recursive HEAD and GET requests against the site; not rsync. 19:33 larsks Around 800,000 requests/day. 19:33 sjoeboo ugh, okay 19:33 sjoeboo this is this tangental team to us, need to track those guys down. 19:34 larsks Okay. The RDO repositories don't update all that often, so the mirror could be cranked down a chunk and still keep things reasonably up to date. 19:35 sjoeboo yeah, no, this is/was some falks not directly on our team half-assed setting some stuff up...i'll track them down. 19:35 larsks Thanks. 19:38 sjoeboo found it, it'll stop, might resume @ some point but in a much nicer way. 19:38 sjoeboo if it happens again, or you've got any questions for us, help@fas.harvard.edu will get the whole group 19:38 sjoeboo wait 19:38 sjoeboo rchelp@fas.harvard.edu 19:38 sjoeboo durrr 19:42 larsks sjoeboo: Awesome! 19:44 larsks sjoeboo: If it helps, we can probably enable rsync mirrors. If someone is interested they can contact me at lars@redhat.com. 19:44 sjoeboo okay cool 19:53 semiosis pdurbin: you're at IQSS right? havent had a chance to read the article yet but noticed an IQSS mention here: http://harvardmagazine.com/2014/03/why-big-data-is-a-big-deal 19:55 pdurbin semiosis: yep: http://www.iq.harvard.edu/people/philip-durbin 19:55 pdurbin I'm slowing working through that article. It's a good one 21:05 pdurbin since I'm an employee, I get the print version at home 22:11 pdurbin speaking of fasrc, nice to see https://github.com/fasrc/openauth-puppet/issues/1 and use of travis, which I've been meaning to try 22:17 pdurbin semiosis: do you use travis? 22:23 semiosis pdurbin: https://travis-ci.org/semiosis/glusterfs-java-filesystem 22:24 semiosis yes i do 22:24 pdurbin ooooh, maven even 22:24 pdurbin this gives me hope I can get it to poop out a war 22:24 semiosis yep, it even installs a deb from a PPA before running the tests! 22:25 semiosis pdurbin: the hard part is what should it do with the WAR 22:25 pdurbin yeah 22:25 semiosis you'll need to do some fancy stuff to set up a secure upload from travis to wherever without disclosing the credentials publicly 22:26 semiosis there's docs on how to do it 22:26 pdurbin well, for starters, how about it runs checkstyle or something. and builds the war. baby steps 22:26 semiosis fwiw, my .travis.yml - https://github.com/semiosis/glusterfs-java-filesystem/blob/master/.travis.yml 22:27 semiosis one cool thing was the catlogs.sh (not my invention, got the idea from somewhere else) 22:27 pdurbin semiosis: thanks, I was just looking at that... that's all you need? 22:27 semiosis yep, and connect travis with github to run after a push 22:27 pdurbin nice 22:29 pdurbin semiosis: does it have to be a push? instead, can travis host the war file? then I pull it down and deploy it into my app server? 22:30 semiosis usually you'd have maven push the thing somewhere 22:30 semiosis there's plenty of options for that 22:30 semiosis maven wagon plugins 22:30 semiosis i like the s3 wagon plugin 22:30 semiosis lets maven upload to an s3 bucket 22:31 pdurbin sure. but with jenkins I can just download the war file from each build 22:31 semiosis eh, the power of maven comes from using maven 22:32 semiosis i doubt travis will save artifacts for you 22:32 semiosis but maybe 22:32 pdurbin ok 22:32 pdurbin makes sense. it would eat up a lot of their disk space 22:33 semiosis also ripe for abuse 22:33 pdurbin yeah 22:40 semiosis pdurbin: did you ever set up a nexus repo? 22:40 semiosis that's the ultimate place to store the artifacts 22:40 pdurbin nope :( 22:40 semiosis but of course the most sophisticated 22:41 pdurbin none of our ops guys are in here. can't ask them again if they'll set it up for me ;) ... I do have a ticket for it 22:41 semiosis wagon ftp is probably the absolute simplest, though i never have used it... https://maven.apache.org/wagon/wagon-providers/wagon-ftp/ 22:42 pdurbin is there free nexus hosting for lazy people? 22:42 semiosis sonatype OSSRH, which feeds into maven central 22:42 semiosis i just signed up for that for the gluster java project 22:42 pdurbin orly 22:43 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky sonatype ossrh 22:43 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://docs.sonatype.org/display/Repository/Sonatype+OSS+Maven+Repository+Usage+Guide 22:43 pdurbin "Sonatype OSSRH (OSS Repository Hosting Service) uses Nexus to provide Maven repository hosting service for open source projects: https://oss.sonatype.org " 22:43 pdurbin semiosis: now you tell me! :) 22:44 semiosis yeah, that 22:44 semiosis you never asked! 22:44 semiosis (iirc) 22:44 pdurbin :) 22:45 pdurbin oh, that reminds me. our designer signed up for pagekit recently. also free for open source 22:45 pdurbin er. pagekite 22:46 semiosis curl | sudo :( 22:48 semiosis afk