Time Nick Message 17:24 skay I am excited that more and more scientists are doing things like trying to do the equiv of automated deployment. (whether they realize it or not). https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ShriramKrishnamurthi/posts/Tf4D2HKQRKi 17:26 skay I am also SQUIRREL hey look I am helping with google summer of code for my friend Tim's project. 17:28 skay and I want more applicatants and the deadline is 2 days 17:28 skay timsvideos http://www.reddit.com/r/opensource/comments/20pp4d/summer_of_code_supports_open_hardware_projects/ and I want more hardware people to apply, but I am helping with python parts of the stack 17:29 skay (I miss doing hardware though I haven't done embedded programming in forever) 17:29 pdurbin maybe we should rename #crimsonfu to #squirrelfu http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2014-03-19#i_7422 :) 17:30 skay hey I am half on topic. configuration management of science 17:31 skay be happy I didn't say science ops 17:31 pdurbin close enough 17:32 skay I must away to change buttons and urls 17:32 skay I want some frontend people! 17:32 skay I want to do backend services! grumpyface! 17:32 skay at least changing urls means I get to think about url design 17:33 * skay finishes minute of grump 17:34 skay more interested in getting a gsoc student who would like dockerize the timvideos conference streaming system 17:36 pdurbin codex is going to teach me docker some day 17:36 pdurbin (I hope) 17:36 pdurbin maybe if I pay him the money I owe him 17:37 skay hello world is easy (assuming you get docker installed okay) 17:37 skay I've not written my own thing to get an image that deploys a service -- I cheated and ran a docker build in a repo that makes a container for drone.io 17:38 skay out of curiosity. 17:38 skay I stood it up on a rackspace vm and managed to guess how I should write an nginx file to forward requests over to the container so that I could git drone.io. nothing really automated, except for warm fuzzies that I got it to work 17:39 skay git. that must be a thinko. what the heck typo is that 17:39 skay we should have a project night goof off session to dockerize our stuff 17:40 skay too bad it wouldn't be an in person hang out 17:40 skay I like inpromtu eavesdropping kind of learning 17:43 pdurbin hangops 17:43 pdurbin it's a thing, I think 18:55 semiosis hangops? sounds violent 18:59 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky hangops 18:59 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.hangops.com/ 18:59 pdurbin "A weekly hangout bringing you amazing discussion and awesome insight the DevOps community. All from the comfort of your own home or office." 19:48 codex pdurbin: docker is awesome 19:49 codex it has simply redefined virtualization 22:39 melodie codex docker? 23:09 skay pdurbin: my friend bonnie works at fermilab supporting scientific linux distro stuff 23:09 skay (apropos g+) 23:36 pdurbin yeah. this. Sheila Miguez - Google+ - Call for submissions to create the Scientific Linux 7… - https://plus.google.com/+SheilaMiguez/posts/6mmjuVFLjWe