Time Nick Message 03:10 pdurbin new site: http://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com 03:12 pdurbin "a question and answer site for people seeking specific software recommendations" 03:13 pdurbin on stack overflow, this stuff has always been closed as "shopping" questions 20:04 semiosis someone with job description "Content writer and editor" told me that "We normally use numerals for web copy" in the context of regular written English... like "there are two kinds of people" 20:04 semiosis meaning if that text is on the web, it would be "there are 2 kinds of people" 20:04 semiosis does that make sense to anyone??? 20:08 westmaas semiosis: we must conserve bandwidth 20:09 semiosis hah ok 20:12 hydrajump hi 20:13 hydrajump Quick awk question. I have this › echo "eee fff ddd gggg" | awk '{$1=$2=""; print $0}' 20:13 hydrajump the output is " ddd gggg". I wonder how to get rid of the leading space. 20:15 semiosis echo "eee fff ddd gggg" | awk '{$1=$2=""; print $0}' | cut -c 3- 20:15 semiosis but i have a feeling that's not what you're looking for :) 20:16 hydrajump semiosis it works 20:16 hydrajump don't know if it's pretty but so what if the result is good 20:16 hydrajump thanks semiosis 20:17 semiosis yw