Time Nick Message 03:19 pdurbin mhayden: huh. from your twitter feed... Introducing kpatch: Dynamic Kernel Patching | Red Hat Enterprise Linux Blog - http://rhelblog.redhat.com/2014/02/26/kpatch/ 03:20 pdurbin it's like Red Hat made their own ksplice 03:25 pdurbin in other news... 03:26 pdurbin is https://slack.com better than IRC? anyone used it? 03:52 mhayden pdurbin: yeah, i'm curious to play around with kpatch in fedora 03:52 mhayden it's been a while since i tinkered with ksplice 03:53 mhayden one person on twitter wondered how long it would be before oracle hit redhat with an ip infringement suit :P 03:53 mhayden pdurbin: haven't used slack but i have used hipchat -- it's nice 11:09 pdurbin mhayden: yeah, I saw that comment: https://twitter.com/majorhayden/status/441036588978819072 11:11 pdurbin slack was highly recommend by gina trapani at http://twit.tv/show/this-week-in-google/237 11:11 pdurbin I wish I could remember what she said they wre using before... something I had heard of... it may well have been hipchat 11:12 pdurbin I dunno... my mantra is kinda "anything but email". XMPP and IRC work pretty well for me. and slack seems proprietary 13:21 mhayden pdurbin: agreed, i'd prefer instantaneous communication 13:21 mhayden i'm the only technical one of my peers, so that's a challenge :P 13:32 pdurbin death to email, except for announcements 18:52 mhayden http://neocri.me/documentation/using-ssh-certificate-authentication/ 18:52 mhayden ^^ didn't know that was available until today