Time Nick Message 17:59 adimania can anyone put me in touch with Jonathan Nadeau or any other organisers from Northeast Linux Fest? 18:20 pdurbin adimania: heh, wrong channel. here we go: http://irclog.greptilian.com/northeastlinuxfest/2014-03-03 18:21 pdurbin though folks in Boston should consider attending! Northeast GNU/Linux Fest - Bringing Linux And Open Source Software To The Northeast - http://northeastlinuxfest.org 18:21 pdurbin it was fun last year 18:21 pdurbin "This year the Northeast Linux Fest will be held on April 5 of 2014 at Harvard University" 18:22 semiosis it's about time someone brought linux and open source to the northeast! 18:22 pdurbin :)