Time Nick Message 02:17 pdurbin anybody wanna /join #indiewebcamp and help fight a synflood attack? 02:17 pdurbin good people in there 02:33 pdurbin their wiki is still up: http://indiewebcamp.com 03:03 pdurbin nevermind. fixed: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2014-02-26/line/1393468771 16:09 skay pdurbin: me too. and I was looking for dockerized scientific python stacks and found https://index.docker.io/u/scivm/ 16:12 skay pdurbin: and it looks like that user may beat me to dockerizing scientists papers http://www.scivm.org/ though I don't know 16:20 pdurbin skay: me too? oh. moving from vagrant to docker? http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2014-02-27#i_6613 16:20 skay pdurbin: yes, that 16:20 skay I didn't want to start rambling in #dvn about offtopic stuff so came here 16:30 * pdurbin never goes off topic 16:57 semiosis mentoring one of my devs to send a PR to a github project for a fix he made 16:57 semiosis feels good 16:57 semiosis that first PR is the hardest 16:59 pdurbin semiosis: I did the same here yesterday: https://github.com/dvn/dvn-install-demo/pull/2 17:01 semiosis i just wrote some quick tips while talking with him: https://gist.github.com/semiosis/9254331 17:02 semiosis pdurbin: cool! 17:14 joshu semiosis thanks for the tips they will come in handy shortly ;) 17:15 semiosis yw! 17:16 joshu Are pull requests always done from within the github site, e.g. it's github extension to git? 17:20 semiosis there may be command line utilities to call the github api, but yes it's a github thing 17:20 semiosis i always do it on the web site 17:22 pdurbin Linus doesn't like them. Or at least doesn't use them. 17:23 joshu ok my git and github use has been restricted to just git clone, so I'm starting to use it now properly and plan on contributing to some open source projects very soon. 17:25 pdurbin +1 17:40 semiosis https://github.com/torvalds/linux/pull/17#issuecomment-5654674 17:40 semiosis https://github.com/torvalds/linux/pull/17#issuecomment-5659970 -- classic Linus! 17:50 skay semiosis: I consider asking people to attach the parent as a remote, and then periodically fetch and rebase to fixup small commits, but I know this is not to everyone's preference 17:51 semiosis i have tried many times but still cant figure out wtf rebase is/does 17:51 skay semiosis: for a new person who may also be new to git, you might add some example commands 17:51 skay omg rebase and all that stuff -- I still make mistakes. 17:51 semiosis skay: not my intention to write a beginners guide to git 17:52 skay and my brain is fried from using a proprietary stream-based version control system for many years 17:52 semiosis skay: we use gitlab internally and have a flow very similar to github, i just wanted to give my colleague some tips for successful PRs and point out the differences between our gitlab flow and the github flow 17:52 skay and it was so easy to visualize where I had gone off stream with my changes and what I needed to fix 17:53 skay semiosis: oh I see. 17:53 skay I have http://tyler.readthedocs.org/en/latest/developmentsetup.html#making-changes btw, which links to this article about interactive rebasing https://help.github.com/articles/interactive-rebase 17:54 semiosis thx i'll take a look at those 17:54 skay it helped me 17:54 semiosis ...again 17:54 skay oh ha 17:54 skay afkish again 17:54 semiosis every time i think i need to rebase i figure out (after much frustration) that i want either a reset or a merge 17:55 skay (tyler is what I called my project before my boss asked me to pick a different n ame since people kept asking her who the hell is tyler) 17:56 skay (and I explained, Rose Tyler is the companion of the first Doctor in the Doctor Who reboot, and we are rebooting RunMyCode, which has companion pages. makes sense) 17:58 semiosis here i was thinking "the first rule of..."