Time Nick Message 03:31 * pdurbin looks at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SysVinit_to_Systemd_Cheatsheet 13:39 pdurbin semiosis: I'm trying. It's hard: http://irclog.greptilian.com/javaee/2014-02-26#i_60264 17:01 semiosis pdurbin: my friendly advice for you: unless you have ops & can kick everyone out, stay out of it 17:02 semiosis if that kinda thing happened in #gluster i would not have hesitated kicking all involved 17:02 semiosis as i have done before with people spewing hate 17:14 pdurbin semiosis: I'm just the guy who logs the channel. I don't want to be involved in kicking people 17:15 semiosis pdurbin: log link should be in the /topic btw, not sure if it is in ##javaee. 17:15 semiosis not that i care much either way, but if people know they're being logged they may behave better :( 17:15 semiosis sad fact of life 17:27 pdurbin semiosis: the link to the logs is in the topic. always has been 17:28 semiosis oh well then i guess there's no helping those fools 17:28 semiosis that was me being optimistic 17:29 semiosis this is why i left ##infra-talk... no public logs & lots of ad hominem 17:52 pdurbin overall, ##javaee has been a successful experiment. for me anyway 17:52 pdurbin so has #crimsonfu for that matter :) 22:32 pdurbin semiosis: one more thought about ugliness in ##javaee 22:33 semiosis ?? 22:33 pdurbin it's logged at http://irclog.greptilian.com/javaee/today 22:33 pdurbin that's my website 22:33 pdurbin and I'm a believer in this: http://dashes.com/anil/2011/07/if-your-websites-full-of-assholes-its-your-fault.html 22:34 pdurbin when people make ##javaee ugly they make my website ugly 22:34 pdurbin which I don't like 22:34 pdurbin so I do what I can 22:34 pdurbin to keep the ugliness off my site