Time Nick Message 17:25 semiosis pdurbin: ping 17:26 pdurbin semiosis: hi. did you solve your puppet problem? 17:26 semiosis well i just used an exec, which i consider a workaround/kludge, not a solution 17:26 semiosis pdurbin: are you going to redhat summit/devnation? 17:27 pdurbin my puppet code is full of kludges :) 17:27 pdurbin semiosis: wasn't planning on it 17:27 semiosis ok 17:28 pdurbin huh. still no crimsonfubot. how am I supposed to google anything? ;) 17:28 semiosis you're asking a Q on the youtube thing! 17:28 semiosis good one 17:29 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky red hat summit 2014 17:29 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.redhat.com/summit/ 17:30 pdurbin nice. SF. april 14-17 17:30 pdurbin semiosis: I am? a question? 17:31 pdurbin I *did* ask a question in ##virtualjug about http 2.0: http://irclog.greptilian.com/javaee/2014-02-21#i_58681 17:32 pdurbin but I'm barely listening. kids are too loud. school vacation week. just got back from skiing in colorado: ▶ Ski Papa - YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVqGRNTAE50 17:33 pdurbin semiosis: did Arun answer my question? 17:34 * pdurbin will listen to it later 17:43 semiosis yes he answered your question 17:43 pdurbin oh, cool 18:00 * pdurbin hopes he pronouced my nick right ;) 18:07 semiosis good enough for me to hear it 18:23 pdurbin :) 20:27 dotplus anyone who knows both puppet & chef here to an intermediate or above level in each? 20:29 pdurbin dotplus: shopping around? 20:31 dotplus yes. we have a fair bit of experience between us in puppet, but none of us really knows much about chef or cfengine3 (the other main candidates, I don't think anyone's seriously considering salt or ansible for this use case) 20:32 dotplus and I don't want to fall into the trap of thinking that it's much harder to work with foo than puppet just because we already know how to do it in puppet 20:32 pdurbin I don't know that chef is especially hard. it's just a little different than puppet 20:33 pdurbin dotplus: https://github.com/agoddard/the-super-mini-one-click-chef-solo-apache-demo-that-just-uses-vagrant-up- :) 20:33 semiosis saw a talk about this at sunshinephp recently... one slide showed puppet most popular overall, except rubyists heavily favor chef, and (iirc) pythonistas heavily favor ansible 20:34 semiosis salt wasnt mentioned 20:34 dotplus also, we're going to have to get non-infrastructure people (such as security, lustre admins, HPC folks and others) on board, so we need to make a compelling case. When our ancestors picked bcfg2, these other folks felt like it got dumped on them without any input and the success of this iteration is going to depend on their by-in 20:38 dotplus hm, agoddard's thing might be useful to poke through. 20:40 dotplus at first glance, it just looks like a lot more stuff than I would write for a puppet equivalent 20:47 pdurbin it's funny, I have a VM with our infrastructure people and thought maybe I'd merge my Puppet code at https://github.com/dvn/iqirclog-vagrant into theirs, but it hasn't happened. Recently the VM was rebuilt and they run their Puppet code and I ran my stuff afterwards by hand (using that repo as a guide) 20:47 pdurbin dotplus: I guess I'm saying I'll be curious to know if you have success with various teams all using the same Puppet (or whatever) configs 20:48 pdurbin I'm no longer on the inside when it comes to Puppet... which is fine most of the time 20:49 dotplus define "same", no doubt we'll use lots of environments 20:50 pdurbin dotplus: well, I assume you'll keep the Puppet code in git or whatever. I mean the various teams would all have access to that git repo (which I don't, though perhaps I could ask for access) 20:51 dotplus Probably they would have access, but would tend to just stay out of various bits of the tree 20:52 pdurbin dotplus: are the various teams all in there using bcfg2? 20:53 dotplus personally, my expectation is that most of the non-infra people will be users of CM, not developers of CM functionality. 20:53 dotplus yes 20:53 pdurbin ok. cool 20:53 dotplus at least, if it's not that way, we'll probably end up in the same mess 20:54 pdurbin I mean, we had a web developer in our puppet configs back when I had my hands in the puppet configs (at my last job). but he'd sometimes break stuff and it was easier to just do stuff for him sometimes :) 20:54 dotplus although I can't see the Crays getting much value from any of the CMs 20:58 pdurbin dotplus: sorry, what's the mess? 20:59 dotplus bad tree, bad process, unpredictable results of a commit, little testing and what testing there is is murky 21:03 pdurbin hmm. ok 21:03 pdurbin bad tree? 21:23 pdurbin dotplus: is there more support in the puppet ecosystem for better process? than your current tool, I mean 21:29 pdurbin I have the impression that chef has a good testing culture. I assume puppet does too 21:34 pdurbin semiosis: most popular among whom? 21:39 melodie hi! 21:40 pdurbin melodie: hi! 21:40 melodie hello pdurbin :) 21:40 melodie how are you? 21:41 pdurbin melodie: good. just got back from vacation: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2014-02-21#i_8322825 21:42 melodie oh great! you were on vacation with the whole family I guess? 21:43 pdurbin yep 21:43 melodie pdurbin I'm watching your video on youtube! 21:43 pdurbin :) 21:43 melodie neat! 21:45 pdurbin my four year old can ski better than I can :) 21:46 melodie ha ha ha ! :D 21:46 pdurbin :) 21:48 pdurbin melodie: what's new with you? I haven't been to the linuxvillage forum in ages... 21:49 melodie some more Bento, with small new improvements each time... mostly 21:49 melodie next, a Ubiquity slideshow is expected (nicer look for the installer) and then we will see. We are looking for coding contributors 21:49 melodie here: 21:50 melodie https://github.com/Bento-dev/ 21:50 melodie there are several projects 21:50 pdurbin this seems new: https://github.com/linuxvillage :) 21:50 melodie I guess Mo0O should add info on the readme 21:51 melodie yes, however this is Mo0O who takes care of this part 21:51 melodie so I don't know how he intends to organize it exactly 21:51 pdurbin ah 21:55 melodie yes 21:56 melodie perhaps should I ask him to complete a todo file and a readme to present the content which should be developed later? 21:57 pdurbin melodie: sure. or create issues in the github issue tracker for that repo 22:08 semiosis pdurbin: re: by whom... found the slide deck, but the graph i'm thinking of isnt in it... https://speakerdeck.com/thijsferyn/vagrant-puppet-and-chef-number-ftw-sunshinephp-2014 22:10 semiosis pdurbin: my guess would be "most popular among survey respondants" ;) 22:10 pdurbin :) 22:10 pdurbin semiosis: he pronounced my nick just fine by the way 22:11 semiosis right