Time Nick Message 22:55 semiosis puppet problem... 22:56 semiosis need to mount a disk on /var/www, but mount won't work unless /var/www already exists, so make the mount require the file 22:56 semiosis problem then is that i need the mount point to be owned by a particular user 22:57 semiosis when the dir is created before mounting it is owned by that user, but then after mounting it's owned by the owner of the root of the mounted fs 22:57 semiosis and wont get chowned until the next puppet run 22:57 semiosis meaning other things will fail this run which depend on it being owned by this partiuclar user 22:58 semiosis what do I do? 22:58 semiosis i'm using an exec after the mount now, which works, but that's not the puppet way!