Time Nick Message 20:29 semiosis https://firstlook.org/theintercept/ 20:46 joshu hi semiosis 20:46 semiosis o/ 20:56 joshu IIRC you use AWS 20:57 * semiosis does 20:59 joshu have you ever downloaded an EBS volume locally or copied the data on an EBS volume to your local comp 20:59 semiosis not exactly. why? 21:00 semiosis i mean, does it matter if it was my local computer? 21:00 joshu I'm trying to find out if and how to do it 21:00 joshu I want to launch a marketplace AMI EBS instance and examine the contents of the EBS volume 21:01 semiosis joshu: attach the ebs volume to another instance, then you can do whatever you want with it... rsync it, dd it, ... 21:01 semiosis i would just do all the work on the other instance though 21:01 joshu semiosis that easy..I thought I had to copy the ebs volume locally and then extract or mount the data. 21:01 joshu ok 21:02 joshu I will do some googling on using dd as I haven't before 21:02 semiosis forget dd 21:02 semiosis launch the marketplace ami, stop the instance, force-detach the ebs vol(s) 21:02 semiosis now you have 'available' ebs vols you can attach to another instance 21:02 joshu with you so far 21:03 semiosis launch your favorite plain old linux instance (gotta be ubuntu, AMIRITE?!?!) and attach the ebs vols to it 21:03 semiosis then you can mount them & do whatever you want 21:03 joshu hehe ubuntu all the way..all I've used ;) 21:04 semiosis woo 21:04 joshu ok once I've mounted the ebs volume to the ubuntu instance..what would you use to copy the whole contents so I can investigate it closer locally? 21:04 semiosis i'd caution you against reading other people's proprietary code though. that can be bad 21:05 semiosis idk what you're up to with this marketplace ami, and i dont want to know... but dont be evil :) 21:05 joshu semiosis I'm not going to do anything illegal. Really. I'm trying to help an open source project creat an AMI from scratch using the "free" community version of that AMI 21:06 joshu we are trying to understand HOW to build an AMI based on debian with squashfs union filesystem thingy I don't understand 21:09 semiosis sounds complicated. good luck with that 21:29 joshu semiosis thanks