Time Nick Message 19:23 pdurbin mhayden: kitkat question for you when you have a minute 19:30 melodie hi 19:32 pdurbin melodie: hi! what's new? 19:33 pdurbin melodie: at first I thought you were mhayden :) 19:34 melodie Uh? 19:34 melodie can you tell me more? 19:35 melodie two new ISOS, and waiting for a slideshow for the Ubuntu Ubiquity installer :) 19:35 melodie no strengh to publish a changelog though : anyone interested? I recruit!! 19:35 melodie :D 19:37 * pdurbin has no strength 19:53 melodie pdurbin tell me more about "mhayden"? What or who are you referring to? 19:54 pdurbin melodie: major.io | Words of wisdom from a Linux engineer focused on information security - http://major.io 19:54 pdurbin melodie: mhayden is right below you in my weechat nicklist :) 19:56 pdurbin melodie: you are in the presence of greatness :) 19:57 melodie great 19:58 pdurbin lol 19:59 melodie pdurbin the French people working in tribunals are dumb and tech ignorants. If you would have a fairly good translation of this text, you might not even believe it! http://www.pcinpact.com/news/85772-documents-trouves-via-google-3-000-euros-damende-pour-bluetouff.htm?utm_source=PCi_RSS_Feed&utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=pcinpact 20:04 pdurbin "3000 euro fine for downloading documents from the Internet to a government agency, which were freely accessible from due to a security breach" 20:16 pdurbin yeah, pretty silly 20:17 melodie pdurbin the lawer on the side of the State sayd when starting the pledge, that they had not understood half of the words used in the presentation of the case. and same for the main judge : the word "google" was pronounced Gogleu, they ignore what a login is, and so on... 20:17 melodie a bench of ignorant assholes, to be polite. /o\ 20:18 melodie they would trial a guy from the actual Era in the middle ages, it couldn't be worse 20:18 pdurbin melodie: I'd hate to hear you being impolite ;) 20:18 melodie pdurbin thanks. ;) 21:59 melodie good night