Time Nick Message 00:03 ijstokes How open is crimsonfu to shameless plugs for an open-access demo I setup for Harvard of a web-based analytics platform? 00:12 pdurbin ijstokes: isn't one plug enough? ;) http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2014-01-27#i_5694 00:13 pdurbin ijstokes: plug away, I say :) 00:13 ijstokes Yeah, you inspired me on #dvn. 00:13 ijstokes The demo was iniitally setup just for FAS RC, but we've talked to them and others within Harvard can now check it out if they like. 00:16 semiosis ijstokes: if it's free/open i think the plugs are welcome 04:25 IanSR semiosis: the demo is free and open, but it is for a commercial product … 14:02 pdurbin IanSR: so it's a commercial product but there does seem to be a free plan: https://www.wakari.io/plans 14:04 pdurbin IanSR: the background music is cracking me up :) Using Wakari: The Wakari Life Cycle - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mxCf8a_rMM#t=0 14:12 pdurbin anyway, seems like a good way to host IPython Notebooks