Time Nick Message 14:56 joshu anyone being using duckduckgo instead of google for a while who can comment on search results? 15:49 dotplus I've been using ddg almost exclusively (for search) for years. Occasionally, I don't find what I want and I'll recraft more carefully and/or use a different search engine. 15:50 dotplus Of course, the problem with using search is that sometimes (often?) I don't know what I want so I don't realise that I (haven't) found it. 15:59 dotplus semiosis: I didn't forget about your packaging/rel-eng question. One thing I have on my list to look into on that front is https://github.com/dgoodwin/tito. It's for the RPM world, but perhaps it could be extended (cloned?) to support other packagers? 16:29 joshu dotplus I've been trying to use DDG more lately but bad habit result in me adding !g almost immediately because the DDG results are so different from google, but that's probably a good thing.. 16:34 dotplus joshu: even if you do add !g, you're still probably better off than using google directly 16:35 joshu dotplus because of encrypted.google.com ? 16:36 dotplus because DDG isn't tracking you and therefore if you're indirect, G can't (as easily) track your searches 16:37 joshu ah ok