Time Nick Message 00:03 melodie ok 00:03 melodie firefox gives a blank page for this one: http://nodeup.com/fiftysix 00:04 melodie ah no 00:04 melodie it was just slow to display 00:04 pdurbin maybe it's running node.js ;) 00:04 melodie WURLFL ? 00:05 melodie or the website? 00:05 melodie maybe it has too many visits for the server to stand it :o) 00:09 * pdurbin can't believe melodie is friends with RMS 00:10 melodie I am not, I admire what he did and like what he does as far as political notes are concerned 00:11 melodie I have written to him a mail a few times, for things I thought important. 00:12 melodie he has created a full movement, just by his first idea which he still continues, 30 years later! isn't that unique? 00:35 pdurbin I admire RMS too 01:06 melodie pdurbin :) 01:06 melodie have to go to sleep, good night