Time Nick Message 15:33 joshu anyone used http://greenqloud.com/ ? 15:36 pdurbin nope. is it good? 15:56 joshu pdurbin just reading about it now, so I haven't used it yet. Interested as the instances are stored in an Icelandic datacenter..the green stuff is nice too. Don't know how muture their IaaS is though 16:20 pdurbin somewhat related... I just listened to a podcast about Flynn - The product that ops provides to developers - https://flynn.io/ 16:20 pdurbin 5by5 | The Changelog #115: Flynn updates with Jonathan Rudenberg and Jeff Lindsay - http://5by5.tv/changelog/115 16:23 pdurbin it's more of a PaaS though... open source heroku, kinda 19:58 melodie hello! 19:58 melodie pdurbin ? 21:16 semiosis i'm looking forward to watching this tonight... https://plus.google.com/events/cedmlfrcb20jm3d2cb6s283cjsk - AngularJS & D3: Directives for Visualizations 21:27 pdurbin hmm 21:28 pdurbin I'm thinking of playing with this: Spyglass provides a simple search interface for Solr using EmberJS https://github.com/o19s/spyglass 21:28 pdurbin melodie: I'm here but I gotta run 21:31 melodie pdurbin could you ping me another time when you won't need to run? 21:31 melodie I'd need to explain what brings me, during about 10 to 15 minutes max :) 23:17 pdurbin melodie: go 23:17 pdurbin :) 23:17 melodie he ! :D 23:18 melodie I think you remember the article about seeds I put up, well I submitted it to RMS. First time he said it has to be all in English, so be it, I put it all in English, then I put some English persons on it for proofreading. 23:19 pdurbin melodie: the gnu birthday one? 23:19 melodie just lately I sent a mail to him again to ask if this time he would be ok to point to it on his personal activist website, and he reviewed it partly, so he told me it is not good, and he gave me the reasons. 23:19 melodie no 23:19 melodie not gnu birthday 23:19 melodie not about free software, about seeds 23:19 melodie http://melodie.citrotux.org/2013/11/19/the-programmed-end-of-the-free-seeds/ 23:20 melodie this is what he told me (I'm going to put it on a pastebin): 23:20 pdurbin oh, the seen done. like you said :) 23:20 pdurbin seed* 23:20 melodie http://pastebin.fr/32289 23:20 melodie this is what he told me. 23:21 melodie I thought I would ask your help, because you know so many people who might be able to help, make the message clear as source water. 23:21 pdurbin "The programmed end of the freedom-respecting seeds" 23:21 pdurbin yeah, that sounds like RMS :) 23:23 melodie I could even rewrite it "the programmed end of the democra-seed" 23:23 melodie :) 23:23 pdurbin "I found four problems in the first four lines of text. The text needs to be thoroughly edited by someone who writes publication-quality English. The article is long, so I can't do that job for you." 23:23 melodie but in English it might not make much sense 23:24 melodie I think if someone can help me with that, and if someone as RMS requesting such a high level of quality gets it, the article could make it's way in many places 23:25 melodie and I would like to gather more testimonials from places in the world where more people have to struggle for their freedom to plant and grow vegetables, the ones that are eaten and healing plants too 23:28 pdurbin melodie: I feel like maybe some community under "Food Politics" at http://www.willystreet.coop/links-other-sites could help you 23:28 melodie that would be very nice! 23:28 melodie do you know any of the people from there? 23:29 melodie which state is WI ? 23:29 pdurbin from the city where that co-op is, yes... and they're pretty into food politics... let you what... I'll link them to this conversation at least 23:30 pdurbin wisconsin 23:30 melodie pdurbin great! I'd very much like to have a connection with them 23:30 pdurbin madison is full of people who care about food politics 23:30 melodie if you still have my mail adress feel free to give it to them 23:30 melodie is madison the name of a town? 23:33 melodie lately I was handed the link to a video about something which happened, that I talk about in the post : the growers who were busted on the open air market. the video is well done, by a French man who is known for his tales. He explains it as a modern tale. 23:33 melodie if it could be subtitled in English that would be very nice 23:34 melodie pdurbin do you know what? It is the first time that I read or heard the words put together : "food politics" 23:35 melodie just the idea is amazing! 23:36 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky madison wi 23:36 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.cityofmadison.com/ 23:36 pdurbin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_politics 23:37 pdurbin melodie: I emailed a few friends. I'll let you know if they reply 23:39 pdurbin melodie: you could try asking at http://forums.seedsavers.org 23:39 pdurbin my wife buys seeds from there (heirloom tomatoes). great place 23:39 melodie pdurbin I will wait to see if you and I get answers from the mail you just sent, before moving forward. 23:40 melodie there are many things to do so I won't head into several directions at a time 23:41 melodie pdurbin if you and your wife, and children, come visit nearbye my place, I'll provide you with such adresses and the ones to get the best freshly grown food! 23:41 pdurbin melodie: yum :) 23:42 melodie :) 23:45 melodie pdurbin I would also agree on my article being used to make a new one if needed : as long as the message is passed on and the information it contains transmitted. 23:45 melodie this is just a thought which came through my mind right now :) 23:46 pdurbin :) 23:55 melodie changing topic, have you see the sourceforge.net project of the month? http://sourceforge.net/projects/wurfl/ 23:55 melodie I thought you might be interested 23:56 pdurbin "WURFL lets you detect thousands of types of mobile devices accessing your web service and take decisions based on what that device can or cannot do. With WURFL, you can optimize mobile web content, effectively deliver advertisements, or analyze mobile traffic." 23:56 pdurbin mobile is getting huge 23:56 pdurbin walmart was having trouble dealing with the load from mobile devices 23:58 pdurbin they switched to node.js and talked all about it here: http://nodeup.com/fiftysix https://github.com/noahcollins/transcriptions/blob/56-a-team-walmart-show-nodebf/56-a-team-walmart-show-nodebf.md