Time Nick Message 10:04 boegel|work pdurbin: saw the PLOS paper pass by on Twitter too, but thanks for the heads up anyway 13:04 pdurbin boegel|work: did you read it? I haven't yet 13:39 pdurbin the slides for the talk I mentioned about http://www.graphviz.org and http://plantuml.sourceforge.net have been published: http://www.mbarsinai.com/blog/2014/01/12/draw-more-work-less/ 13:39 pdurbin via [TechTalkFollowup] Thursday Presentation Slides and Code - https://lists.iq.harvard.edu/pipermail/techtalkfollowup/2014-January/000013.html 14:05 jgtimmer_ pdurbin: I have a 500 page book on graphics processing in latex 14:06 pdurbin jgtimmer_: nice 14:23 jgtimmer_ and I have already opened it and used it once 14:24 jgtimmer_ but I prefer matploblib to generate my graphs 14:35 pdurbin jgtimmer_: you might like logstats — Summarize and Visualize Data in Log Files - jabrcx - http://jabrcx.github.io/logstats/ 15:30 boegel|work pdurbin: I browsed through it, they have a nice summary table 15:42 pdurbin "Write programs for people, not computers." and etc.