Time Nick Message 16:17 pdurbin dotplus: you know what would be cool? if ikiwiki could process lilypond files: https://github.com/schmonz/dotfiles/commit/e1062abc7e1634a42ad7a1d182bd2c944258b7b1#commitcomment-4984217 16:18 pdurbin I'm thinking though how I want to put my little lilypond files on github 16:18 pdurbin I've marked up 10 songs already 16:19 pdurbin though some of them are partial 16:19 pdurbin short songs... alouette, twinkle twinkle 16:20 pdurbin maybe I should just use jekyll instead of ikiwiki so I can easily host it for free on GitHub pages 16:27 pdurbin wow, http://kris.shaffermusic.com/musicianship/ seems awesome. uses lilypond ("Graphics") folder: https://github.com/kshaffer/musicianship 16:41 pdurbin dotplus: for now I put them here if you're interested: http://git.greptilian.com/?p=musichacks.git 21:50 melodie hi 21:50 melodie I have a question regarding crypto with gpg : does someone have knowlegde related to the difference between RSA-RSA and RSA-Elgamel, when creating a pair of keys? 21:51 melodie I looked at the web and didn't find a clear answer on the pros and cons?