Time Nick Message 04:54 pdurbin lilypond is just awesome: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2014-01-03#i_8064841 14:40 dotplus yup, I've used lilypond to make my own arrangements of a few things and to have preprinted transpositions so that I don't have to transpose on the fly (as a violinist, I'm not really as used to that as folks who play, say, clarinets or trumpets) 14:42 dotplus takes a little getting used to, was not always straightforward to get exactly the notation I wanted. But I suspect that's more my lack of familiarity 14:46 dotplus frescobaldi.org made it easier for me to ensure that where I was in the source was actually where I wanted to be in the score/output. 14:56 dotplus oh also, projectabjad.org if you want to manage larger works 15:07 pdurbin dotplus: thanks... just to make these clickable in the logs: 15:07 pdurbin Frescobaldi: Edit LilyPond sheet music with ease! - http://frescobaldi.org 15:07 pdurbin Abjad is a Python API for formalize score control and music notation. - http://projectabjad.org 15:07 pdurbin also... 15:07 pdurbin this is awesome: The Mutopia Project: Free sheet music for everyone http://www.mutopiaproject.org 15:08 pdurbin now on github: https://github.com/chrissawer/The-Mutopia-Project 15:09 pdurbin it blows my minds that I can download a lilypond file here: Maple Leaf Rag, by S. Joplin (1868–1917) - http://www.mutopiaproject.org/cgibin/piece-info.cgi?id=23 ... and then get an awesome pdf and midi with only: lilypond maple.ly && xdg-open maple.pdf && timidity maple.midi 15:11 dotplus ok, next time I'll try to remember the http:// to make-clicky. yeah, I peeked at mutopia too. looks like fun. 15:13 dotplus Last year I had access to a cello for a while, which was awesome, but very weird for a violinist (their strings are so heavy in comparison!), and I'd also like to learn something polyphonic (keyboard/guitar) so that I can play harmonic as well, but given that I have a new kid that might have to wait 15:14 dotplus s/might/will/ 15:20 pdurbin dotplus: congrats! 15:22 pdurbin I'm very much a newbie when it comes to music. I took a guitar class in college, a piano class about 8 years ago and a music theory class about 6 years ago 15:22 pdurbin my 7 year old is taking her first piano lessons and I'm making sheet music to help reinforce what's she's learning 15:24 pdurbin I have half a mind to start a new website for sheet music for people just starting to learn music. And maybe other resources 15:25 pdurbin the thing I like about lilypond is that I can create music that I'm not skilled enough to play (yet)... I can get it to sound better than my ability to play it... which gives me something to work toward... something to practice 15:26 pdurbin I'm reminded that I favorited this the other day: http://music.stackexchange.com/questions/4904/how-do-i-make-piano-chords-sound-interesting-when-playing-along-with-popular-songs 15:39 dotplus I wanted to learn piano along with kid #1, but she really disliked it so stopped before I got a chance to join in (she moved on to djembe for which she seems to have a talent) 15:53 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky djembe 15:53 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Djembe 15:54 pdurbin I have a picture of my youngest playing the drums when she can barely sit. We just bought her a ukulele for xmas