Time Nick Message 16:46 pdurbin at http://atp.fm/episodes/42-the-ultimate-vanity-search John Siracusa asks "Which group wears the pants in a company?" and he more or less says that he things the ops guys do at Google... the people who ensure all their production services are running well 16:47 pdurbin as opposed to Apple, where the people designing the latest iPhone wear the pants 16:47 pdurbin that was how I heard it anyway 17:38 pdurbin thinks* 18:09 pdurbin ok, here's the actual quote (from 28:10): "The real heart (if you dig down) of Google are the people who run the infrastructure that run all their services. Those are the real sort of little Yodas inside Google, the people with the most respect and clout and power and the ability to say no to your project and yes to your project indirectly." 18:13 pdurbin which reminds me of this comment by Google developer Thor Mitchell: "The cost of maintaining and supporting a feature is a function of how much ongoing work it will generate for operations teams" -- https://plus.google.com/+JulianBond23/posts/4mLaNh31JcW 19:17 melodie does someone here know the losetup tool? 19:18 melodie I'd like some insights about how to use it the right way 19:19 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky losetup 19:19 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://www.linuxcommand.org/man_pages/losetup8.html 19:20 pdurbin hmm. nope 21:29 melodie pdurbin WHDD successful to retrieve the full hard drive 21:29 melodie then mounted with losetup and kpartx, this way: 21:29 melodie http://pastebin.fr/32148 21:29 melodie now I have to do a serious "fsck.ext4" against the partition file number 4 21:30 melodie what options should I use? I think "-y" because I don't want it interactive, and what else could be good? 21:30 melodie if someone here reads me a and knows, that would be nice! 22:07 pdurbin melodie: you are recovering some data? 22:09 melodie pdurbin yes, partitions exactly 22:09 melodie with WHDD: http://whdd.org 22:52 pdurbin -y makes sense 23:05 melodie http://pastebin.fr/32149 23:05 melodie did -f -y 23:06 melodie all worked! 23:06 melodie now I need a hard drive.... XD 23:06 melodie don't have any spare one as sata 23:06 melodie need to buy one 23:07 melodie i've got a ata but it's also old with several prefail messages when reading from smartmontool