Time Nick Message 13:48 melodie hi 13:49 melodie I'd like to ask if someone knows WHDD and could give me some insights? I used it but didn't quite understand all the details it seems 13:49 melodie this is the tool: http://whdd.org/demo/ 14:13 pdurbin melodie: I've never heard of it but it looks like it fixes hard drives 14:13 melodie hi pdurbin 14:14 melodie Happy End of Year! 14:14 pdurbin :) 14:14 pdurbin melodie: you too 14:15 melodie thanks! 14:16 melodie I would need to have details about that whdd : what does it do exactly when it uses the "copy" mode? 14:16 melodie why does the guy who did the video use /dev/null as destination for his file, 14:16 melodie ? 14:16 melodie what kind of filetype does it do? I tried to do a file and it ended with zero byte 14:23 melodie if anyone has answers later, I'll be around to read 14:23 melodie :) 14:26 pdurbin melodie: you might want to try the "users" list at http://whdd.org/contact/ 14:27 melodie oh ho ! I missed that? 14:28 melodie pdurbin thank you. :) 14:40 pdurbin melodie: sure. good luck 14:48 melodie it seems there is only the owner of the program on the ml, but never mind, I sent my first question! 14:48 melodie well first post I mean 14:48 melodie http://whdd.org/pipermail/whdd-users/2013-December/000006.html 14:48 melodie here is my post! 15:23 pdurbin +1 19:27 pdurbin Trolling Effects | Learn about patent trolls, search and submit demand letters, and help fix our broken patent system - https://trollingeffects.org 19:27 pdurbin via Matt Cutts at http://twit.tv/show/this-week-in-google/227 20:00 melodie hi again 20:36 pdurbin melodie: hi 20:37 melodie hello pdurbin! 20:47 pdurbin melodie: you're only a couple hours away from a new year 20:48 melodie itrs 21:48:39 here 20:49 pdurbin I'm trying fedup to upgrade from Fedora 19 to 20: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedUp 20:50 pdurbin what could possibly go wrong? :) 20:53 melodie anything could go wrong :) 21:37 melodie I'am trying to translate a sentence, not even sure I understand it in English. What does that mean? "To ensure your Preferential Jigoshop Partner Rates, please complete your (...)" 21:37 melodie if someone can help... 21:39 pdurbin man this takes a while 21:39 pdurbin melodie: sounds like you're getting a special rate. a discount 21:44 melodie :) 21:45 melodie what's a shopper? Is it the customer? the one who performs shopping? 21:45 melodie pdurbin> melodie: sounds like you're getting a special rate. a discount || now I get it! 21:45 melodie thanks 21:54 pdurbin melodie: here is a picture of a shopper: http://www.theonion.com/articles/consumer-confidence-verging-on-cockiness,8799/ :) 21:56 melodie :) 21:56 melodie looking 21:56 melodie so it's almost like the word "buyer"? 21:57 pdurbin yeah 21:57 melodie great! 22:08 pdurbin done! Fedora 20 22:12 pdurbin good lord I still have this problem: F17 cursor crazy - https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/users/2013-February/431969.html :( 22:24 pdurbin hmm, actually, maybe it is better :) 22:29 melodie pdurbin I would say some dirt inside the mouse? 22:30 melodie "What is it, and how do I turn it back off??" 22:30 melodie he fun, he doesn't know what he did, and he expects other to know. :} 22:31 melodie others* 22:31 pdurbin no mouse. just a trackpad 22:32 melodie can't that get dust inside? 22:32 melodie autoclick has never been a feature, not even one that I heard about so far! XD 22:32 pdurbin not a feature 22:32 pdurbin :) 22:33 melodie did you meet with that with F17 and or other versions published after? 22:34 melodie that must drive some mad! 22:34 pdurbin actually, i think it's still happening... :( 22:35 pdurbin all I'm doing is hovering my cursor over a different window... a window other than gnome-terminal (where I'm typing into weechat) 22:36 pdurbin I hover the cursor over firefox, for example 22:36 pdurbin then I walk away from this laptop 22:36 pdurbin and sometimes, when I come back, firefox has focus as if it's been clicked 22:37 pdurbin my workaround has been to keep the cursor over gnome-terminal but that's ridiculous 22:37 pdurbin the clicks shouldn't happen on their own 22:48 pdurbin it drives me crazy 22:50 pdurbin hmm, I still have gnome-classic-session and its dependencies I listed at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2013-06-21#i_7231553