Time Nick Message 16:45 pdurbin huh. Kali Linux | Rebirth of BackTrack, the Penetration Testing Distribution. - http://www.kali.org 17:03 sajjadg pdurbin: hey bro. 17:06 pdurbin sajjadg: so you're giving a workshop on Linux or REST or SOA: http://rest.hackyhack.net/2013-12-21.html#39/h39 17:08 sajjadg pdurbin: I'm just investigating the options. looking for something interesting and gravitational 17:12 pdurbin sajjadg: you'll bring the gravitas :) 17:13 sajjadg pdurbin: how? they don't know me there. I my university people know me and I don't have problem there. but conference is somewhere else in another univ. 17:15 pdurbin sajjadg: show them your superior technology and wit 17:16 sajjadg :-/ 17:17 pdurbin :) 17:18 sajjadg I just need to convince them to come to the class. I'm good at lecturing and can handle the rest (not REST, rest :P ) 17:18 sajjadg I need a good title 17:19 pdurbin hey, does anyone know how to troubleshoot hardware problems with Android phones? I bought two new batteries for mine but it still won't turn on. When the battery is charging an amber light comes on but that's the only sign of life. It's like the screen is dead? Or something is so wrong with the motherboard it never actually turns on anymore. This is after I removed the battery while it was running. :( 18:39 pdurbin maybe I'll take it apart 18:56 sajjadg pdurbin: nothing? not even the company's logo? 18:58 pdurbin nothing. when it first started dying, I could see the logo when I turned on the power. But then it would reboot over and over. Logo, reboot, logo, reboot. I took the batter out again and now I don't even see the logo. 19:00 pdurbin just an amber light when the battery is charging 19:06 sajjadg hold down the keys that boots to recovery mod. mine is home+vol_up+power 19:06 sajjadg if you have clockwork or something installed you can do lots of things 19:06 sajjadg and if you don't you can do some other things 19:07 sajjadg don't take it apart 19:07 sajjadg :) 19:10 pdurbin sajjadg: looks like I'm supposed to hold down vol_down and hit power: Reset: T-Mobile myTouch 4G | T-Mobile Support - http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-8664 19:10 pdurbin but nothing is happening 19:10 sajjadg try vol_up and other combinations too 19:15 pdurbin tried a bunch but nothing 19:16 sajjadg if they say it should boot something then is should... 19:17 pdurbin I jabbed a pin in the hole in the bottom but the guy at the T-Mobile store said "that's the microphone" :) 19:17 sajjadg I tried something other than what they said in the sites! 19:17 pdurbin yeah, it's like it won't boot at all. very strange. what a waste of decent hardware 19:17 sajjadg yeah that's the mic man...oh maaaan... 19:18 sajjadg I think there's should be some kind of hard restore 19:20 pdurbin yeah, should be 19:54 pdurbin sajjadg: thanks for trying 19:54 pdurbin maybe I'll take it apart :) 19:59 sajjadg pdurbin: don't mention it. it's cheap for you to buy a new phone I think. here I should work 2 month and have no other spending to buy a new phone. 20:07 pdurbin well, yeah, cheaper than that 20:13 sajjadg OK then. break it down now :) 20:14 pdurbin nah. wrapping Christmas gifts 20:16 pdurbin whorka: and I need that funny star screwdriver set from your server room ;)