Time Nick Message 13:16 pdurbin tmate • Instant terminal sharing - http://tmate.io 13:17 pdurbin via http://rubyrogues.com/132-rr-nothing-to-hide-with-steve-klabnik/ 15:09 fak3r hey pdurbin I'm back on irccloud and still had this bookmarked 15:09 pdurbin +1 15:10 fak3r thanks for sharing tmate.io, hadn't heard of that, on a more 'consumer' level, we've used https://join.me/ for similar colab 15:11 pdurbin cool. the thing I like is "Host your own tmate server" 15:13 fak3r definitely. yesterday I installed the latest owncloud - hadn't tried it in a few years, and it's getting really good 15:13 pdurbin nice 15:13 fak3r have the OSX client, and file sync'ing works just like dropbox/spideroak, but of course on your own server 15:13 pdurbin fak3r: what was your thing? 15:15 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky fak3r dropbox alternative 15:15 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://fak3r.com/2009/09/14/howto-build-your-own-open-source-dropbox-clone/ 15:16 pdurbin hmm. http://lipsync.info I guess 15:16 fak3r ha, that's it - have been meaning to revisit and try to code it in python 15:17 pdurbin fak3r: I thought you had one in bash 15:20 fak3r yep, that's it, it is still bash as I slowly plot on reworking it 15:20 pdurbin gotcha