Time Nick Message 01:25 pdurbin semiosis: you've talked about IRC bouncers before but I'm still not sure exactly what they are or if I'd benefit from one. For now, I configured weechat to write its "hotlist" to a file so I can easily check if any channels have unread messages: http://tmp.greptilian.com/tmp/activity.html 01:25 pdurbin something like /set plugins.var.perl.hotlist2extern.use_title "off" /set plugins.var.perl.hotlist2extern.external_command_hotlist "echo \'WeeChat Act: %X\' > /var/www/html/tmp/activity.txt" 01:26 pdurbin which uses http://www.weechat.org/scripts/source/hotlist2extern.pl.html/ 01:27 pdurbin it's a great solution for me. I can easily check that activity.html page from anywhere 16:09 semiosis pdurbin: i use znc on an ec2 micro instance to proxy my irc connections. it allows me to connect multiple clients, and when no clients are connected it stores messages & plays them back when a client connects 16:09 semiosis crimsonfubot: lucky znc 16:09 crimsonfubot semiosis: http://znc.in/ 16:10 semiosis this is related to what you're doing with weechat... https://github.com/mrtazz/znc-logstash-notifications 16:38 joshu hi semiosis so you connect your irc client to your znc instance on aws? 16:38 semiosis thats right 16:39 joshu what OS do you run znc on? 16:42 semiosis ubuntu!