Time Nick Message 01:16 joshu_ semiosis yeah I read it a week or so ago on the security researchers twitter account…scary and amazing at the same time 02:09 pdurbin wat 02:10 pdurbin semiosis and joshu_: please keep us posted on how the story ends. seems like we'll know more in a few weeks or months 17:45 evqqms yo I need NX NoMachine 4.0 license 17:45 evqqms like a cracked license 17:45 evqqms idc where it comes frm 17:46 semiosis is this a joke? 17:46 evqqms why would it be a joke 17:46 semiosis you've come to the wrong place, this is not a warez channel 17:46 evqqms but I bet you have it 17:47 semiosis take a hike 17:47 semiosis we prefer free & open source software here 17:47 evqqms why it's terrible 17:47 semiosis lol ok 17:48 * semiosis gbtw, not feeding trolls 17:48 evqqms fine ill find a nx license elsewhere 17:53 * pdurbin shakes head 17:54 semiosis from a harvard address! 17:54 semiosis or spoofing somehow 17:54 pdurbin very strange 17:55 semiosis it's so over the top i thought maybe it was a friend of yours playing a joke 20:13 dotplus HumanSky! apparently freenode is a small place 20:27 pdurbin found him in #openscholar 20:35 semiosis writing java code is a lot like writing an essay. writing puppet code seems closer to cooking than writing. 20:36 dotplus and writing perl? 20:37 * dotplus runs 20:37 semiosis poetry, of course 20:43 * pdurbin hugs perl