Time Nick Message 22:17 pdurbin naming servers and children: http://xkcd.com/910/ 22:49 joshu anyone used owncloud? 22:51 pdurbin joshu: not yet. you? 22:51 joshu pdurbin hey…no same here. considering setting up an instance on AWS but just been reading about it for now 22:52 pdurbin joshu: I talked to the owncloud guy at northeastlinuxfest. seems like a nice project 22:54 joshu pdurbin the main reason I'm looking at using it is due to Apple's removal of sync services in Mavericks and the push to using iCloud for contacts and calendar syncing, which I'm against. Only other option is to setup your own caldav, carddav server to enable syncing, both of which owncloud offers. 22:58 pdurbin Apple seems so... closed and controlling