Time Nick Message 00:00 pdurbin my ruby looks like perl. I miss how perl works so I add hash = Hash.new{ |h,k| h[k] = Hash.new(&h.default_proc) } 00:00 TrueDD these two languages looks so similar on first view that it might be tempting to start programming the way I did with Perl 00:00 semiosis pdurbin: import perl.lang.BadHabits; 00:00 semiosis wait thats java 00:01 semiosis require "perl/badhabits" 00:01 semiosis pdurbin: you should make a ruby gem that does that for you, call it perlhabits or something 00:02 semiosis ;) 00:02 TrueDD my co-worker told me about that, you're right 00:05 TrueDD but I think I'll try not to use those ... "facilities"? 00:05 pdurbin TrueDD: here, give this a try: https://github.com/crimsonfu/code/tree/master/katas/autovivification 00:06 pdurbin semiosis: where's your solution?!?1! 00:06 TrueDD cause I'd like to learn the language the way it's been thought 00:06 semiosis bah 00:07 pdurbin agoddard: you submitted 2 solutions :) 00:17 TrueDD :) 00:19 TrueDD well, it's getting late 00:19 TrueDD I think I'll get to bed 00:20 TrueDD that was nice talking with you 00:20 TrueDD I'll be back 00:20 TrueDD have a good evening 00:20 TrueDD talk to you soon 00:21 TrueDD bye! 17:56 melodie hi 17:57 melodie pdurbin when you are around I would like to ask you, how you managed to have a "+" in front of your name on your G+ account. I noticed some people does have it and some don't? I tried to find some info on the web about it but failed so far, could you help me with that? 18:02 pdurbin melodie: http://thenextweb.com/google/2013/10/29/google-starts-offering-custom-urls-accounts-30-days-old-10-followers-profile-photo/ 18:03 melodie pdurbin I look, thanks 18:04 melodie pdurbin this is fairly recent! 18:04 melodie I have finished by thinking I should create a G+ account with my IRL name (my brother has one, and well it seems after all that it could be useful) 18:06 melodie what about the side image, can you customize it, or choose among several, or is it meant to stay as is? 19:54 melodie pdurbin just a thought: does a picture of my cat count? 23:01 pdurbin I'm ok with cats 23:44 melodie pdurbin you are and so am I, but would Google be ok with a cat's face profile? (for custom url ;) )