Time Nick Message 22:52 TrueDD hi, everyone 22:56 * pdurbin looks at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2013-11-25#i_7914558 22:57 pdurbin TrueDD: you need to learn something about Ruby? 23:00 TrueDD pdurbin, I'll have to learn Ruby, from the start, and Rails also, cause it's the framwork I'll have to work on 23:00 TrueDD framework* 23:09 pdurbin TrueDD: sounds like you plan to learn Ruby first, which makes sense 23:13 TrueDD Rails looks great and really useful to gain time, but I'd like to go deeper and learn what exactly hides beneath 23:14 TrueDD I always told myself that the best way to master something is to understand what it is built on 23:15 pdurbin TrueDD: what version of Rails? 23:16 TrueDD as we're gonna start a somewhat new project, I was thinking about using its last release 23:20 TrueDD actually, we intend to rebuild our application that already runs for ages now and that has been made from little pieces of code here and there, and that brings almost as much problems than solutions 23:40 pdurbin sounds like a fun project 23:41 TrueDD the former application was made by my co-worker and he masters all that pretty much 23:42 TrueDD and I'm a total beginner in that language and its framework 23:44 TrueDD I could make some tests though, and I really like it 23:44 TrueDD it really seems great! 23:51 pdurbin TrueDD: total beginner in the old framework? what's the old framework? 23:52 TrueDD I said "in that language and its framework" 23:53 TrueDD where did you see "old"? :) 23:53 semiosis [18:41] the former application was made by my co-worker and he masters all that pretty much 23:53 semiosis s/former/old/ 23:53 semiosis afaict 23:53 TrueDD oh, right! 23:54 TrueDD I'm a total beginner in both the former duet of tools and the news versions of that very duet of tools :) 23:55 TrueDD he always tried to keep the set up to date 23:55 TrueDD so for him, it's not gonna be a big jump 23:58 TrueDD I don't think that it's gonna be that difficult for me either, besides, the hardest thing in my opinion will be to get rid of the "bad habits" I caught with Perl, for example.