Time Nick Message 17:59 melodie hello! 19:01 melodie to English native speaking here: 19:01 melodie I wrote an article about the soon lost freedom of seeds and I'd like someone keed to review it and help with improvements wherever it would be needed 19:02 melodie http://melodie.citrotux.org/2013/11/19/the-programmed-end-of-the-free-seeds/ 19:02 melodie thanks! 19:45 whorka melodie, that's horrendous! (the law -- not the article)... Agriculture companies in the US continue to push for laws that hurt small farmers here also, but we have nothing like this (yet). 19:47 whorka It was clear to me from reading the article what this law is about, who is pushing for it, and why is is bad news. I was a little confused by the cell phone analogy though. 19:48 whorka thank you for sharing this information 19:49 dotplus "Various governments, US and European and who knows where else, are trying to make proprietary seeds; seeds which have been grown by farmers freely for hundreds of centuries" 19:55 dotplus "The law, passed on Dec. 8th 2011, relating to "Certificat d'Obtention Vegetale"... submitted by a UMP Senator, supported by the government of then President Nicolas Sarkozy, and voted by the majority party, UMP, carved into stone the prohibition of sowing the harvested grain and the obligation to pay fees.... according to this analysis. 19:56 dotplus also, did you mean to mispell the President's name? :) 19:56 dotplus Perhaps "The planned demise of free seeds" would be more idiomatic for les Anglophones 19:57 dotplus s/Senat/Senate/ 20:01 melodie also, did you mean to mispell the President's name? :) // did I? 20:02 dotplus "So what all these politicians (bureaucrats?) want is to give the seed lobbies a way to control seed production, to keep the buyers captive (reminiscent of anything?) and to also forbid private gardeners and smallholders from growing in the same way that have been, time out of mind." 20:02 dotplus Nicalas 20:02 melodie http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolas_Sarkozy 20:02 melodie I have not mispelled 20:02 melodie I'll change the parts you suggest, 20:02 melodie oh? 20:02 melodie ok I will correct it 20:02 dotplus in the the first quote in Kokopelli 20:03 melodie I'll find it, I have ctrl+f in firefox 20:03 melodie :) 20:03 melodie whorka what do you think about the few "what if?" near the end? 20:04 melodie dotplus great correction! When finished I'll paste it in a file and will use it fully! 20:04 dotplus I'd like to do the rest and give it proper editing for anglicization, but I don't have time 20:05 melodie dotplus thanks a lot, I'll just start with what you provided to me 20:05 melodie I'll do that after dinner 20:06 dotplus it really needs a first pass to turn into to English as used by a native speaker and a second pass to edit it into journalistic quality language. I would find the latter more difficult to do in between package builds etc. 20:08 dotplus « obtentions végétales« should be « obtentions végétales », no? although in english we use " ". 20:08 melodie wordpress is the french version and the theme changes all " in «» 20:08 dotplus adjectives before the noun: "In relation to literary and artistic property" 20:08 melodie which are "insécables", it does not break when changing line 20:09 dotplus ok if you have no control, then make them « obtentions végétales » 20:09 dotplus matching correctly:) 20:10 melodie I could have control however it might be complicated, I would have to turn them all to html entities 20:10 melodie it is feasable, I'll consider it at the end, if I think again about it 20:10 dotplus perhaps not worth the effort. depends on the level of formality/correctness you desire, depends on your audience 20:13 dotplus "And not only that but also the "official catalog" has diminished to such a degree that if the farmers and gardeners of the world cannot retain the right to retain the old varieties, the losss would be incalculable" 20:13 dotplus ok, this is too much fun, but I should work:) ttfn 20:44 melodie " cannot retain the right to maintain" 20:44 melodie it's about maintaining 20:44 melodie well thank you very much! 20:53 whorka melodie your last "what if" makes me think of http://www.guerrillagardening.org/ggseedbombs.html 20:55 melodie whorka nice! 20:56 melodie would you comment the post and add your link? 20:57 whorka sure 21:01 melodie let us know that it is the last what if which makes you think about it 21:02 melodie just as you told me here 21:09 melodie dotplus " Perhaps "The planned demise of free seeds" would be more idiomatic for les Anglophones" ? 21:09 melodie is that a suggest for the title? 21:11 melodie dotplus the title is a wink to this one: http://www.syti.net/GB/Topics2GB.html 21:11 melodie which is linked in the post 21:15 melodie dotplus what is wrong with "the seed lobbies the means of doing a holdup" ? 21:15 melodie "holdup" ? 21:23 whorka that wording is a little awkward... I was not sure if you meant "holdup" as in http://www.aperfectworld.org/clipart/gestures/halt02.gif or "holdup" as in http://jimmyakin.com/wp-content/uploads/holdup.jpg , but either would fit 21:49 melodie whorka this one: http://jimmyakin.com/wp-content/uploads/holdup.jpg 21:49 melodie do you have a more precise word to suggest? 21:53 melodie whorka what would you think of "seednaping" ? 21:54 melodie O_O 21:58 whorka oh I'm sorry, it was not the word choice that confused me but the syntax... with "a holdup on seeds" I was not sure if it was the seeds themselves being held up, or if there was a holdup over the subject of seeds. 22:04 whorka oh I see now... "to do a legal holdup on all the seed production"... where you write this later it is much more clear 22:14 melodie oh ok! 22:14 melodie thanks 22:15 melodie whorka thanks for your comment! 22:24 melodie whorka to change word in the first sentence where "holdup" is used, would this be correct? "and the laws voted by the governments in favor of a hijacking on seeds by the biggest seed companies in the world" 22:24 melodie hijacking instead of "holdup"?