Time Nick Message 17:53 melodie is someone here saavy at same time with lamp servers, vhosts and wordpress ? My buddy Goodbox and I would need some help for http://linuxvillage.org which he hosts and does not behave properly 17:53 melodie if someone can help, I'll paste the issue and question from #wordpress where we don't find answers at the moment 18:09 pdurbin melodie: paste away 18:13 melodie pdurbin thanks 18:13 melodie I am having a webspace on the server which Goodbox is managing and there is a forum which works well, a wordpress which does not do what it is supposed to 18:13 melodie the first issue which I meet with is that it won't connect outside: for instance I can't update the plugins from within the admin boards, neither can I connect to Jetpack which I wanted to have to test a pair of features on http://linuxvillage.org 18:13 melodie last but not least I can't either upload pictures into a gallery which stores it all in the database, such as ngg-gallery (I know ngg-gallery became crummy since it changed owner but I still wanted to give a whirl to the last version) 18:13 melodie so what we tried so far: 18:14 melodie we tried having all files and directories in the install belong to www-data, owner and group, and that allowed connection to outside, I could install plugins from the administration board and so. but I could not post normally anymore. The server uses virtual hosts : can anyone help find out what Goodbox should improve in the server configuration? 18:14 melodie Then, actually we have htdocs owned by melodie:www-data, folders in 755 and files in 644. But the problem is that wp seems not support sftp over ssh as login for proceed to the update.. 18:14 melodie pdurbin that's it 18:24 pdurbin melodie: the hosting company is limiting your ability to connect to outside sites? 18:24 melodie it is not a company, it is buddies 18:24 melodie he does not know how to configure it right 18:26 melodie if the files belong all to the server it works for the outside but then I can't post normally, it brings me back to the index of the posts instead of returning to the post I am editing, if the files belong to "melodie:www-data" then I can post normally but can't access outside anymore 18:42 pdurbin ah. so a permissions problem. nothing to do with firewalls 18:45 melodie yes, more of an ownership problem* 18:45 melodie -* 18:45 melodie permissions are more or less ok, unless some bitsuid are needed 19:23 Goodbox Hi all! 20:01 pdurbin Goodbox: hi! sorry, in and out 20:03 Goodbox hello pdurbin how are you ? :) 20:10 Goodbox Damn it!!!! I'm setting up a vsftpd access, however I'm falling on a stupid 530 Permission denied since I created an melodie-ftp user; which is correctly allowed in vsftp.conf. If anyone can help me, it will be really kind :) 20:43 pdurbin Goodbox: hmm, I usually use sftp instead 20:43 Goodbox Idem 21:28 melodie Goodbox Idem/same