Time Nick Message 18:31 melodie hi, I've got a general question, who here still has machines whose cpu doesn't provide the pae instruction ? 20:41 pdurbin mine have it 21:31 melodie who knows dejavu.org ? 21:31 melodie http://www.dejavu.org/emulator.htm 21:32 melodie pdurbin I asked "who has not", not "who has" ? :D 21:49 pdurbin :) 21:53 melodie just incase: 21:53 melodie if anyone who uses Openbox also has the libmenu-cache of last version, 0.5.x would try the latest openbox-menu? I give the link 21:54 melodie https://bitbucket.org/fabriceT/openbox-menu/ https://bitbucket.org/fabriceT/openbox-menu/get/9329bcdd2b23.zip 21:54 melodie he would like to get feedback for that last version which provides new features