Time Nick Message 14:56 joshu anyone know if there is a way to view your own Twitter timeline history? So I'd like to see tweets from people I follow that I've missed. 14:59 pdurbin joshu: can't you... keep scrolling or something? 15:00 joshu pdurbin yeah but can't get further back than 10 days :( 15:00 joshu just wondering if there is some way of viewing that history or if Twitter just doesn't allow it 15:01 pdurbin hmm, with the API you can go back to something like 3200 of your own tweets. not sure about other people's tweets 15:03 joshu pdurbin ok I guess whatever I've missed..I'e missed..no big deal 15:08 pdurbin joshu: you should set up thinkup 15:09 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky thinkup 15:09 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://www.thinkup.com/ 15:09 pdurbin to capure all those tweets 15:12 joshu I'll have a look. Have you used it? 15:13 pdurbin yep. not running it at the moment though. I like it. has an API 15:23 jgtimmer joshu: that 15:23 jgtimmer s a feature 15:24 jgtimmer thinkup.org for the open source project, thinkup.com is a paying hosted version 15:24 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky thinkup github 15:24 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://github.com/ginatrapani/ThinkUp 15:25 jgtimmer woops, I was wrong about thinkup.org 15:31 joshu sorry guys i'm confused. so thinkup is something that I would use to browse my twitter timeline history not just my tweets, but the tweets of those I follow 15:34 jgtimmer joshu: it agregates and saves your tweets 15:34 jgtimmer it's to late to use now 15:35 jgtimmer but can help you in the future 15:35 jgtimmer twitter only serves you up to a few days 15:35 jgtimmer joshu: another option is to get a twitter client that pulls your tweets in every x hours, and saves them 15:37 jgtimmer I also believe snapbird.org can doe this for you 15:37 jgtimmer choose to search for your friends tweets, for your account 15:38 jgtimmer it will allow you to scroll way further back in time 15:40 jgtimmer so that you can use right now 15:51 joshu cool thanks for the suggestions jgtimmer and pdurbin. I'll start with snap bird.org and see how I get on…regarding a twitter client that saves tweets do you know of any for Mac ? 15:52 pdurbin joshu: nope but someone in #indiewebcamp might 15:53 joshu ok thanks pdurbin 22:13 pdurbin ./xmlsectool.sh --validateSchema --schemaDirectory /tmp/saml-2.0-os-xsd --inFile ~/fedlet/sp.xml 22:13 pdurbin for all your SAML validation needs 22:13 pdurbin see also https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/SHIB2/MetadataCorrectness#MetadataCorrectness-XmlSecTool 22:14 pdurbin and http://irclog.perlgeek.de/openam/2013-11-06 23:05 pdurbin http://datascience.berkeley.edu/big-data-infographic/