Time Nick Message 14:08 pdurbin myscript.command is awesome: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2877741/how-to-run-a-shell-script-using-spotlight/2877844#2877844 16:50 pdurbin bah! this works fine on puppet 2.7 but not 3.1: https://github.com/dvn/dvn-netbeans/blob/master/manifests/init.pp 17:40 sjoeboo oh yikes. runstages have long been something puppetlabs said was a bad idea to use. 17:40 sjoeboo = lazy/lack of relationships between resources if you need to define stages 17:41 pdurbin yeah. maybe I should stop using puppet :) 17:41 pdurbin actually, it does seem to work on 3.1. sorry for the noise 19:26 pdurbin JoeJulian: you're back! or are you just a ghost? ;) 19:27 * pdurbin is leaving for my kids Halloween parade soon 19:27 JoeJulian I haven't been gone... 19:27 pdurbin JoeJulian: whoops. new gig good? 19:35 pdurbin fighting hard with maven right now: error on redeploy: DTD factory class org.apache.xerces.impl.dv.dtd.DTDDVFactoryImpl does not extend from DTDDVFactory · Issue #1 · pdurbin/oiosaml_on_glassfish - https://github.com/pdurbin/oiosaml_on_glassfish/issues/1 19:37 * pdurbin asks a glassfish guy: http://www.evanchooly.com/logs/%2523glassfish/2013-10-31