Time Nick Message 13:51 Pax pdurbin: have you messed with Jekyll and s3 buckets? 13:53 pdurbin Pax: jekyll, yes. s3, no 13:54 pdurbin should work fine. people run static sites on s3: http://ec2.forpoets.org 13:55 Pax Hmmm, I'm having trouble getting links to work correctly. I've run sites out of s3 before, but I think I'm missing something basic 13:55 Pax check it out this works 13:55 Pax http://cloudhacks.huit.harvard.edu.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html 13:55 Pax but the link to the post itself doesn't http://cloudhacks.huit.harvard.edu.s3.amazonaws.com/2013/09/27/hello-world 13:56 Pax *unless* you add hello-world/index.html in which case it works fine, so i'm thinking I've messed up my jekyll config somehow 13:56 Pax running it locally with Jekyll server works just fine 13:57 Pax as does running it out of pages http://huit.github.io/cloudeng.github.io/ 13:59 pdurbin Pax: you could try a different permalink style. forgo the index.html pages and use something like this instead: http://crimsonfu.github.io/2012/01/30/introducing-crimsonfu.html 13:59 pdurbin looks like that style is whatever the default is: https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/blob/master/_config.yml 14:00 pdurbin Pax: I assume you're using "pretty" http://jekyllrb.com/docs/permalinks/ 14:01 Pax essentially yeah 14:01 Pax permalink: /:categories/:year/:month/:day/:title 14:01 pdurbin Pax: maybe try non-pretty :) 14:02 pdurbin we're all so used to web servers digging around for index.html. I don't believe S3 does that 14:03 Pax well, it's configurable, and I had it configured (I thought) to do that… trying non-pretty :) 14:04 Pax hey I think that did it! sweet! 14:05 Pax http://cloudhacks.huit.harvard.edu/ 14:05 Pax thanks dude! Great suggestion! 14:05 pdurbin sure. I'm a Perl guy... I'm all about non-pretty :) 14:06 Pax so thats a site thats built on Jekyl deployed in an s3 bucket and then served by CloudFront (AWS CDN) 14:07 pdurbin I like the name 16:44 * semiosis is going to start putting documentation in IGNOREME files because thats what people really want 17:13 pdurbin :) 17:18 pdurbin chocolate art tonight: https://www.seas.harvard.edu/calendar/event/53691