Time Nick Message 14:33 pdurbin it looks I can get at my Skype chat history with `sqlite3 /Users/pdurbin/Library/Application\ Support/Skype/greptilian/main.db .dump` but (unlike Gtalk), it's not available online (unfortunately). I guess I should back up that file. 14:34 pdurbin see also http://askubuntu.com/questions/149214/copy-skype-chat-history-to-text-files 16:09 pdurbin wft: https://nemlog-in.dk/vislogintyper.aspx 16:09 pdurbin trying to post at http://digitaliser.dk/group/42063/forum 16:17 pdurbin success! http://digitaliser.dk/forum/2526560 18:11 pdurbin whorka: do you know who knows AWS stuff cold? 18:19 whorka no who? 18:21 pdurbin semiosis 18:21 * semiosis awakens 18:21 semiosis awakes? 18:21 semiosis wakes? 18:22 semiosis What's the B stand for in Benoit B. Mandelbrot? 18:22 semiosis Benoit B. Mandelbrot. 18:22 semiosis what about AWS? 18:22 whorka I think I may have the answer to my problem already... Are CloudFormations resource property names case sensitive? 18:23 whorka i.e. did I get "Encountered unsupported property IPAddress" because I spelled it "IP" instead of "Ip" 18:23 semiosis never used cloudformation, but i generally assume everything is case sensitive 18:24 semiosis shouldn't you be using an SDK to interact with the API? 18:24 semiosis or are you, and it's not checking that sort of thing well enough? 18:24 whorka yes and yes 18:24 semiosis heh 18:24 whorka passed cfn-validate-template no blips 18:42 whorka yep, that was it. 18:43 whorka it's case sensitive, and while EC2 resource type names are InterCaps with acronyms ALLCAPS, EC2 resource parameter names are InterCaps even for acronyms. 18:43 whorka e.g. a AWS::EC2::VPNConnection has a "VpnGatewayId" 19:32 pdurbin whorka: log.info("Session created at: " + request.getSession().getCreationTime() + ", timeout after " + request.getSession().getMaxInactiveInterval() + " seconds"); 19:32 pdurbin at https://view.softwareborsen.dk/Softwareborsen/oiosaml.java/sp/trunk/src/dk/itst/oiosaml/logging/Audit.java?view=markup 19:32 pdurbin seems to be informational 19:32 pdurbin being part of init() and all 19:33 pdurbin just says the session will timeout after 30 minutes 19:33 whorka I have lost the context of the original error 19:33 pdurbin whorka: context is http://digitaliser.dk/forum/2526560 19:33 pdurbin whorka: but don't worry about it :) 19:35 pdurbin whorka: the null here is probably the problem: 2013-10-10 11:58:29,444 [ERROR] OIOSAML_AUDIT_LOGGER - Dispatch:metadata <-- 58A44A01E5CFB560E3192DB8F710F561 '' '' 'null' 19:35 whorka yeah that null pointer exception didn't look good 19:36 pdurbin nope 19:36 pdurbin this guy started a thread called "Unable to validate response signature when assertion is encrypted and signed" http://digitaliser.dk/forum/2476292 19:37 pdurbin and I do see EncryptedAssertion from both of the IdP's I'm testing with, including http://testshib.org 19:37 pdurbin IdP being SAML/Shibboleth jargon for Identity Provider 19:41 pdurbin oh, and annoyingly I can't open the project in my IDE (as a project) because it doesn't use Ant or Maven or Gradle. Some weird thing called Gant: http://gant.codehaus.org 19:43 whorka The format of that error message appears to be defined on line 92 of Audit.java (as linked above), in which case if I'm reading correctly what was "null" was the stringification of the Throwable exception's error message. 19:44 whorka the backtrace leads to line 32 of https://view.softwareborsen.dk/Softwareborsen/oiosaml.java/sp/trunk/src/dk/itst/oiosaml/sp/service/MetadataHandler.java?view=markup (MetadataHandler.handleGet()) 19:45 pdurbin right. yes. I'm working with revision 11220 (sorry for linking to the latest) so the numbers are a little different but you're right 19:46 pdurbin proper link: https://view.softwareborsen.dk/Softwareborsen/oiosaml.java/sp/trunk/src/dk/itst/oiosaml/logging/Audit.java?revision=11220&view=markup 19:48 pdurbin iam try to set this whole thing up again, I think 19:48 pdurbin ima* :) 19:49 semiosis sso is a pita :/ 19:51 pdurbin semiosis: I like this high level description of SSO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/342378/cross-domain-login-how-to-login-a-user-automatically-when-transferred-from-one/342498#342498 19:51 pdurbin via http://irclog.greptilian.com/javaee/2013-10-08#i_28961 19:57 semiosis concepts are simple, implementations arent 20:02 pdurbin maybe it's the EncryptedAssertion thing 20:03 pdurbin time to try a third IdP, I guess 20:03 pdurbin anyone have an IdP? :) 20:10 * pdurbin emails someone who should have one