Time Nick Message 02:05 pdurbin "so, what protocol do cool linux kids use for accessing/mounting storage over a network nowadays?" -- https://botbot.me/freenode/go-nuts/msg/6539120/ 12:02 pdurbin huh. commercial version: http://nginx.com/news/nginx-inc-launches-nginx-plus/ 13:04 dotplus 9p? is that a serious/viable effort? 13:04 dotplus or was that a joke? 13:04 pdurbin :) 13:05 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky 9p protocol 13:05 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9P 13:11 dotplus I'm aware of Plan 9 (I was staff @cmu.edu for years). I can never tell whether anyone is: taking it seriously, using it as a experiment|toy, using it (for anything) that could possibly be described as production, having a laugh or all of the above 13:21 pdurbin I heard it runs on the Raspberry Pi 13:24 dotplus not helping! 13:31 pdurbin lol 14:10 pdurbin I wonder if I can just fix this with curl: Bug #3332: Obviate need for zero-length-file.txt in SWORD curl examples - https://redmine.hmdc.harvard.edu/issues/3332 22:13 pdurbin "All public events are cancelled and web sites are inaccessible" -- http://www.loc.gov/home2/shutdown-message.html 22:16 whorka the system is down 22:16 pdurbin the system works 22:16 pdurbin oh wait