Time Nick Message 13:42 dotplus westmaas: a coworker recently went to some openstack training. He had ~no exposure to it previously, but basically understands IaaS as a concept. His summary was "definitely technology we should be experimenting with and I think we can find some good use cases here for it. I am a bit surprised at how widely [known|used|hyped] it is as it doesn't quite have the feel to me of production-ready software." 13:42 dotplus Care to comment? 13:44 pdurbin sascha on http://theshipshow.com is forever ranting about how openstack is not quite baked yet 13:46 pdurbin JoeJulian: that reminds me... congrats on the new job at rackspace! https://plus.google.com/113457525690313682370/posts/go37f9sJLCd 13:46 pdurbin mhayden: ^^ 13:46 mhayden pdurbin: whee? 17:12 melodie hi o/ 17:43 pdurbin melodie: hi. what's new? 17:46 pdurbin ok, must not be just me who isn't seeing their commits show up on the github web interface: https://status.github.com 17:48 melodie hi pdurbin 17:48 pdurbin oh, sweet. it's working again 17:53 melodie :) 17:54 dotplus um. no. 17:57 melodie no? 17:58 pdurbin dotplus is right. it's up and down :/ 17:58 dotplus I'm still getting angry-looking rainbow unicorns at github 18:01 melodie why are they looking angry and why are there such strange animals at github? 18:04 dotplus This page is taking way too long to load. 18:04 dotplus Sorry about that. Please try refreshing and contact us if the problem persists. 22:16 melodie good night