Time Nick Message 12:40 melodie hi 12:40 melodie read about GNU Birthday here: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2013-09-30#i_7651536 ! 13:00 pdurbin I didn't know RMS speaks French 13:10 melodie hi pdurbin he does 13:11 melodie just his speech looks a lot like US English, but it is still good enough to be understood 13:11 pdurbin better than mine. all I know is cou cou and plop 13:11 melodie :D 13:12 melodie cou is neck, coucou is "hello" as the bird coucou speech and plop is mainly irc slang Xd 13:12 melodie XD 13:14 melodie pdurbin if you happen to wish to learn, we can help you at #linuxvillage 13:14 melodie :) 13:15 pdurbin melodie: merci :) 13:22 melodie pdurbin avec plaisir :)