Time Nick Message 09:54 melodie hi 11:52 melodie hi 11:53 melodie chasmo ? 14:02 chasmo morning melodie 14:12 melodie hi chasmo 14:12 melodie how are you? 16:39 pdurbin chasmo is usually pretty quiet :) 23:17 pdurbin failure is inevitable -- http://irclog.greptilian.com/javaee/2013-09-25#i_25709 23:25 melodie pdurbin is there wind blowing in the code? 23:26 pdurbin melodie: hmm? :) 23:27 melodie you said about failure so I was asking if there's wind blowing through the code? Does the code have holes? 23:28 pdurbin even in the code has no holes... there are still failures :) 23:28 pdurbin and code always has holes anyway :) 23:29 pdurbin melodie: have you seen the Netflix monkeys? http://techblog.netflix.com/2011/07/netflix-simian-army.html :) 23:29 melodie ooo k 23:29 melodie let me see 23:30 melodie pdurbin ah the weak link 23:30 melodie fun 23:30 melodie I think of a recent event 23:31 melodie I was working on my website and on a friend's website since a few days, and I wanted to check something on it later another day, in the morning 23:31 melodie no website... 23:31 melodie my website gone too 23:31 melodie going to the website of the host: 23:31 melodie no website either 23:31 melodie aha 23:32 melodie I had to leave the house for some appointements outside so I quit the computer and went 23:32 melodie when I came back, the one of the host was back, and also our websites, but soooo slow 23:32 melodie the host did'nt have any problem 23:33 melodie our sites didn't either 23:33 melodie some provider (big provider) upstream had a power failiure which affected a large part of the network 23:34 melodie I think we lost at least half a day availability of our websites 23:34 melodie if not more really 23:35 * pdurbin cries 23:35 melodie pdurbin it was a "IP transit" issue 23:35 pdurbin oh 23:37 melodie and the host reacted fast, he says, but on the client side we all have been impacted as long as our ISP's had not yet switched to another route (so I explain from what I read in French, to how I know best to explain, in English) 23:39 melodie ok, pdurbin I wish you the best with the code, and am now heading to bed. :) 23:39 melodie thanks for the netflix link 23:41 pdurbin sure :)