Time Nick Message 21:34 melodie hi here! 21:34 pdurbin melodie: what's new? 21:34 melodie a new website has just born, especially to greet the 30th birtday of GNU ! \o/ 21:35 pdurbin nice! 21:35 melodie it is GNU Birthday http://gnu-birthday.eu.org ! 21:35 melodie soon a few words in it, and next all will be invited to add their greetings to the GNU project ! 21:35 pdurbin looks... minimal ... but nice :) 21:36 melodie CalimeroTeknic work, with the technical support of captainfab for the eu.org domain name 21:36 melodie eu.org domain names are free of charge, and need some skill for the configuration 21:37 * pdurbin likes free stuff 21:37 melodie http://eu.org/ 21:38 melodie "EU.org, free domain names since 1996" 21:38 melodie ""Companies have voted with their feet [on the issue of domains], they want to have domain names that are international or at least country neutral. The same freedom should apply to individuals; all individuals should be able to have and own their own domain names". 21:38 melodie Paul Mockapetris, creator of the DNS, in On the Internet, September/October 1996." 21:39 pdurbin hmm, eu.org might be older than the Euro ;) 22:11 melodie indeed, euro appeared in 2000 22:12 pdurbin sounds about right 22:12 melodie well 1999 22:12 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky euro 22:12 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro 22:20 pdurbin you know what would be cool? ... if I could define a keyboard shortcut for Ctrl-a, which I use in weechat (and formerly irssi) to switch to the window with activity... if I could have it so if I hit F1 (or whatever) ... it would somehow map to Ctrl-a. At the moment, I'm using weechat within gnome-terminal 22:21 pdurbin oh, duh, and my muscle memory tells me it's actually Alt-a, not Ctrl-a :) 22:22 melodie ? 22:22 melodie how weird 22:22 melodie why use a text irc client in a gui console? 22:23 melodie is it what you consider fun doing? 22:23 melodie :D 22:23 pdurbin I enjoy terminal apps :) 22:24 melodie :) 22:24 melodie all clients are terminal in fact 22:24 melodie including gui 22:24 melodie right or wrong ? 22:24 pdurbin you can't run xchat inside a terminal 22:26 pdurbin hmm, this probably what I want: http://www.weechat.org/files/doc/weechat_faq.en.html#customize_key_bindings 22:27 melodie ok ! ^^ 22:27 melodie heading to bed, good night pdurbin