Time Nick Message 13:53 melodie hi 13:54 melodie my guess is some people here must have great knowledge about networks, DNS primary and secondary servers, that kind of thing? 13:54 melodie we might use some help for a project using the eu.org tld 13:56 melodie :) 13:56 melodie if anyone feels he might help please ping me? 20:04 melodie hi 20:04 melodie does someone know how to configure a ns1 with bind? and what a handle is? 22:24 pdurbin typically someone else has already configured BIND and I just come along and tweak the zone files 22:25 pdurbin melodie: I think of a handle as not so much a DNS thing as a library/publishing identifier thing: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handle_System 22:28 melodie hi pdurbin 22:28 pdurbin handles, to me, are like this: http://hdl.handle.net/1902.1/11252 22:28 melodie issue solved since, it was just him had to register ^^ 22:29 pdurbin i.e. persistent identifiers 22:29 pdurbin melodie: glad your issue is solved 22:29 melodie not mine 22:29 melodie I was not the one in charge for the job 22:29 melodie come to the birthday chan just a minute? 23:10 pdurbin sorry, was busy scrubbing carrots from the farm share. gotta get these kids in a bath now