Time Nick Message 22:35 melodie hi 22:49 pdurbin melodie: hi. did you fix your wordpress? 22:50 melodie pdurbin hi, no I didn't but I improved the skin and later will put it down completely and rebuild it fresh 22:51 melodie did you have a nice day? 22:51 pdurbin ah. ok 22:51 melodie I found errors in another multisite I have and will do the same there. 22:51 melodie a good cleaning will fresh it all up 22:51 melodie freshen? 22:52 pdurbin not bad. first day back after a week vacation. fixed a number of bugs. trying to have all code checked in today for a release soon 22:52 pdurbin freshen, yes 22:52 melodie so you are still at work now? 22:52 pdurbin yeah. my wife picked up the kids 22:53 melodie ok I wish you a good debugging then. :) 22:53 pdurbin jimi_c: you around? you were mentioned on http://twit.tv/show/floss-weekly/257 about ansible. congrats! 22:53 melodie it seems you had a nice talk with Calimeroteknic about some devel stuff around your DVN project? 22:54 pdurbin melodie: yeah. too bad that channel isn't logged :) 22:54 pdurbin melodie: when are you going to announce your new project? :) 22:54 melodie ha ha 22:54 melodie :D 22:54 melodie whenever Calimero will have had time to make it startup, and I am confident he should do that very soon 22:55 pdurbin melodie: cool. but you said I can announce here the local even that's related to it, right? 22:55 pdurbin event* 22:56 melodie of course, haven't you yet? 22:56 melodie I explain to you why it matters to me. 22:57 melodie I had the idea, none around me in the chans or forums had any talk about it, didn't seem to have any thoughts about it. So I would like very much that the closest buddies and little communities in the French speaking area make it their message, first, as remote supporters 22:57 pdurbin nope. hey Boston-area people: remarks from GNU founder Richard Stallman. September 28 and 29, 2013 at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts -- GNU 30th anniversary celebration and hackathon - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation - https://www.gnu.org/gnu30/celebration 22:58 pdurbin I'd go but I'll be in San Francisco 22:59 melodie while we are here, the little communities that we are would be happy if someone going accepts to be our 'porte-parole' there for our wishes 22:59 melodie to bring our wishes... 22:59 pdurbin I read that as "party patrol" :) 23:01 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky porte-parole 23:01 crimsonfubot pdurbin: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/porte-parole