Time Nick Message 00:27 pdurbin hmm, curious what that is 12:26 melodie hello 12:44 pdurbin melodie: good morning. can you say a little more about your new project? 12:44 melodie hi pdurbin 12:44 melodie yes, sure 16:07 melodie I am annoyed with a feature in a wordpress website I manage. I don't find where the problem comes from, at #wordpress they don't have a clue either. Does someone here think it is possible a table or such in the DB has been corrupted and that it does not show, even with checkups from within phpmyadmin? 16:08 pdurbin melodie: you can't see the table from phpmyadmin? 16:09 melodie the problem is not a table, the problem is a window which should appear above, but doesn't 16:09 melodie some buttons of the editor and a feature to modify the setup of an image in a post 16:10 pdurbin it's a new feature? a plugin you added or something? 16:10 melodie as I have tried every kind of recommand, such as deactivate plugins, fallback on a default theme, reinstall the files from a fresh archive, I thought some table might have a corruption which does not show 16:10 melodie it's a normal feature from the editor 16:11 melodie and on other sites and multisites I run I didn't meet with this issue at all 16:11 pdurbin it used to work? what changed? 16:11 melodie instead of showing on top of the page in a js window it is embedded in the page itself, down left corner of the page 16:12 melodie what changed might be the numerous stuff I added and removed to try to find a new plugin working 16:12 melodie to try to get it fine again I have also removed the tables left from the removed plugins in the database 16:13 pdurbin hmm. is it crazy to try restoring from a database backup? 16:13 melodie yes it is 16:13 pdurbin :) 16:14 pdurbin scary to think that experimenting with plugins can break wordpress 16:15 melodie I use the database less possible for any for of restoring, better create anew on another webspace and restore from the xml exports (three sites in the multisite) and then setup some of the little details by hand 16:15 melodie pdurbin that's php, never know how the plugins will react one with the other 16:16 melodie I prefer this to happen with my multisite than on someone else's which I also manage 16:16 melodie s/any for/any form/ 16:18 pdurbin melodie: ok, sounds like you can create anew if you need to 16:20 melodie yes it's sometimes the last solution which is the sure way 16:22 melodie pdurbin what do you think of these errors I found while inspecting one of the guilty elements? (just in case) : http://pastebin.fr/28678 16:28 pdurbin hmm. not sure. that's a lot of errors 16:36 melodie yes 16:39 melodie I think these errors are the same on another website of mine, so I feel I don't have fast fix solution at the end 16:39 melodie a solution for a fast fix*