Time Nick Message 12:01 melodie hi 20:20 melodie hello 21:43 pdurbin westmaas: thanks for the heads up 21:44 westmaas pdurbin: were you on vacation?! 21:45 pdurbin melodie: done hiding. was at the cape: https://plus.google.com/109940583958656614840/posts/Di9v8U82vHM 21:45 pdurbin westmaas: can you believe it 21:48 westmaas barely 21:57 pdurbin :) 21:58 pdurbin had lunch with agoddard. good times 22:05 melodie hello pdurbin hi westmaas 22:06 melodie long didn't see you 22:09 * melodie looks at what the cape is 22:09 melodie nice beach pdurbin is that the cape ? 22:22 pdurbin melodie: for me there's only one cape: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Cod 22:23 melodie pdurbin one more word for my vocabulary! 22:24 melodie cape in French is "cap" and we pronounce it 'kap' 22:26 melodie but a French cape is sort of a long coat without sleeves :D 23:04 pdurbin a cape is what Superman wears :) 23:04 melodie yes 23:04 melodie so a cape on someone and a cape diving into the ocean is the same word in English? 23:09 pdurbin yep. they're homonyms 23:10 pdurbin semiosis: you wouldn't like all this EC2 bashing: http://realtalk.io/2013/6/10/episode-6.html ... and I can't say I agree with all of it either 23:16 melodie pdurbin if you have a few minutes free there is something which I would like to talk about with you, a project I have started with a few buddies here on the chans