Time Nick Message 18:19 semiosis this morning I tweeted about surviving this weekend's aws outage. this afternoon got an email from wsj about it 18:19 semiosis :O 18:41 joshu guys ever heard or used crypto cat https://crypto.cat/ ? 19:28 slystone 'soir ! 19:28 slystone joshu: yes, i know (and have used) Cryptocat. 20:40 pdurbin semiosis: awesome 20:40 pdurbin joshu: why do you ask? 20:42 larsks conversation...too...slow...to...follow.... 20:47 pdurbin lol 20:49 pdurbin lotta xsltproc today. >:( 20:56 semiosis google xsltproc 20:56 crimsonfubot http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/xsltproc2.html 20:56 semiosis pdurbin: looks pretty scary 21:21 pdurbin it gets the job done 21:22 pdurbin better than running the xml through the whole app with every little tweak to the stylesheet 22:13 joshu pdurbin just found out about it today and was just curious if anyone here was using it as there main replacement for Skype etc?