Time Nick Message 12:49 melodie are there Debian addicts here? I'd like to ask about a command line, and also how to put it in a post-install script? 12:49 melodie this is the command line: 12:49 melodie update-rc.d zram defaults 12:50 melodie I don't know what "defaults" is supposed to refer to : I suspect it should be "default" as in "/etc/default/" but I am unsure about it 13:02 melodie ok, defaults is an option 13:15 pdurbin melodie: an option? you can leave it out? and just use "update-rc.d zram" instead? 13:16 melodie no you have to define one 13:16 melodie it's one among else 13:17 melodie it allows making the symlink which will trigger zram to be loaded and configured at boot time, and "defaults" says it will start in levels 2345 13:17 melodie so this is the required option for this start script 13:23 pdurbin hmm. ok 23:01 melodie good night