Time Nick Message 12:09 pdurbin the thing I like about http://theshipshow.com/2013/08/keep-calm-and-prod-on/ is that the ops folks on the show obviously all have a lot of experience. nice war stories 14:12 pdurbin Software Carpentry — Harvard University - http://swcarpentry.github.io/2013-08-23-harvard/ 14:14 pdurbin hmm http://lists.software-carpentry.org/listinfo.cgi/harvard-software-carpentry.org 14:15 ben_e http://software-carpentry.org/bootcamps/2013-08-23-harvard/index.html <- bootcamp 14:15 ben_e jessica mckellar is one of the organizers of the boston python meetups 14:16 pdurbin hmm, I may have tweeted at her once