Time Nick Message 11:10 pdurbin nice! Twitter / fasrc: Odyssey 2.0 Transition FAQ ... - https://twitter.com/fasrc/status/370296386937290753 11:10 * pdurbin used to help support the older odyssey 11:12 pdurbin 'This queue hits the hardware that FAS RC runs out at MGHPCC in Holyoke, MA. The general queue has 1,504 AMD Opteron 6376 “Abu Dhabi” processors' -- https://rc.fas.harvard.edu/odyssey-quickstart-guide/ 11:13 pdurbin heh. holyscratch: "for best performance please use the holyscratch storage found at /n/holyscratch. This is a gluster file system with 273 TB of storage" 13:03 JoeJulian that's all? ;) 13:19 pdurbin probably just the beginning... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massachusetts_Green_High_Performance_Computing_Center :) 14:48 ben_e netbsd 6.1.1 is out! 14:49 pdurbin of course it runs netbsd 15:27 * pdurbin reads up more on XML namespaces: http://irclog.greptilian.com/javaee/2013-08-22 16:47 pdurbin_m bunnies! https://plus.google.com/107770072576338242009/posts/Yhv84yHQda6 17:00 pdurbin ah. here's why... pop up baby animal farm: http://www.google.com/calendar/event?eid=NzVtY2dwdDJqNmVsajRiaHZyNW1nMjJqYjQgNDZvbTduZW11Z2JqbWlkNjA3YzM1ZnNxMWNAZw&ctz=America/New_York 17:00 semiosis as pdurbin would say: no having fun! 17:00 pdurbin via http://commonspaces.harvard.edu/calendar.shtml 17:00 pdurbin semiosis: sorry, sorry 17:00 semiosis ;) 17:24 ben_e "baby animal vendor" 18:10 ben_e i can't hear the term "vendor" without wondering if they have sales engineers and will comp someone free Pats tickets if they make a large baby animal purchase 22:11 pdurbin_m hmmm: http://twitterbostonshowcase.eventbrite.com 22:48 pdurbin_m Getting psyched for tonight's @TwitterBoston engineering event! What a venue! #jointheflock #twitterboston