Time Nick Message 02:24 mhayden ksplice has some ups and downs 10:04 pdurbin mhayden: you aren't a fan? kplice seemed to "just work" for the year or so that I used it 13:25 mhayden i get a little nervous with the types of operations that ksplice does to get its work done 13:38 pdurbin mhayden: heh. you should :) 13:38 mhayden :) 13:38 mhayden i'm migrating back to linux over the next few weeks... again ;) 13:39 mhayden but i think i figured out why i ended up back on OS X before 13:39 mhayden one half of it is microsoft office but the other half is that i need to get more "minimal" about what i do on a computer ;) 13:41 pdurbin you should only need a shell ;) 13:42 semiosis anyone use travis-ci? 13:44 pdurbin semiosis: no but guys in our department do: https://travis-ci.org/openscholar/openscholar 13:45 semiosis wondering how people get data out of it when things fail. thinking about pushing a shell script that just does a recrusive cat so all the output files (with test failures) get dumped to the log 13:46 semiosis there's no easy way (afaict) to dig into the workspace like with jenkins 13:47 pdurbin is it possible to host your own travis? 13:47 semiosis if i were going to host my own i would use jenkins & sonarqube, but i would rather not host my own, so trying travis & coveralls 13:48 pdurbin crimsonfubot: lucky travis coveralls 13:48 crimsonfubot pdurbin: https://coveralls.io/docs/ruby 13:48 semiosis test coverage reports 13:49 semiosis google sonarqube 13:49 crimsonfubot http://www.sonarqube.org/ 13:49 semiosis sonar is amazing 13:49 semiosis s/sonar/sonarqube/ -- they renamed it 13:50 semiosis i can't imagine coveralls being that good, but want to try it anyway 13:54 pdurbin semiosis: so basically you want data liberation from travis ci? 13:55 semiosis +1k 13:55 semiosis couldn't have said it better 13:56 * semiosis wonders if an ec2 micro instance has enough power for jenkins, sonarqube, and nexus 13:57 semiosis bbiab 14:04 joshu mhayden you moving from OS X to linux? 14:19 mhayden joshu: yeah 14:19 mhayden i want to get to where i work out of a browser, terminal, IM client mainly 14:19 mhayden which will be a challenge 14:19 mhayden :) 14:20 joshu mhayden ok nothing to do with closed-source PRISM/ NSA stuff? 14:22 mhayden not really 14:22 mhayden just fed up with the mac 14:22 mhayden and i don't use anything apple-ish other than my mac 14:22 mhayden no appletv, iphone, ipad, etc 14:25 joshu I understand. What linux flavour you going to use? 14:25 mhayden most likely fedora 14:25 mhayden possibly mint, but probably fedora 14:29 joshu will you run this on your Mac as the host OS or will you ditch the Mac for some other make? 14:31 * pdurbin is happy enough with fedora 15:16 semiosis try kde 21:40 JoeJulian Commenting on this morning's conversation that I'm just catching up with. I'm with mhayden. My screens are generally covered with a browser, 2 half-screen terminals, as small of a thunderbird window as I can manage, and about a 1/4 screen window for xchat. IM (Empathy) pops up as needed.